RIP Sean Connery

Gutted with this. For me the best Bond

BBC News - James Bond actor Sir Sean Connery dies aged 90


Just read this. Feel very sad.

When did these icons get so old? :frowning:

No way. So sad now:( such a great actor and person. RIP

My god. Just heard.


One hell of a life and career. Didn’t know he was 90 though - blimey. RIP.

That sucks, I always loved him in movies and as a person. A true gentleman it seemed. Bit stunned that he was 90 already!

An absolute icon. Such a career, never heard anything but great things about him. Talk about leaving your mark, he defined an entire industry. Can’t imagine we’d have a strong Bond franchise still running today if it didn’t have such strong foundations. But he absolutely shone in his other projects as well, always lifting the film. Even in Zardoz he holds himself well, and that film is bonkers.

2020 fucking sucks.

Yeah I was sad when I read about it.

RIP Sean.

Sad day today RIP Mr. Bond

Loved him in most of his films, hated him as a person. RIP all the same.

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Yeah Vred raises a fair point. It’s easy to jump on the “loved his work” wagon, but, and I wasn’t aware of this, but he did seem to have some fairly archaic attitudes on how to treat women. I’m going to say that I know quite a few old codgers with decidedly iffy attitudes who I don’t have a go at when I (used to) visit. I might moan and say you can’t say that anymore, but I don’t try and convince them. Connery was 90. For me he’s very much a legacy of what he grew up with. He clawed himself out of the slums of Edinburgh and forged a path for himself. Huge credit. Hitting women is ok?
This The Scotsman article covers it for me;


Getting absolutely annihilated on imgur about this opinion. Scary shit.

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