RIP Stephen Hawking

One of the worlds greatest minds. How he got to 76 with his condition is nothing short of a miracle.


Still one of my favorite “popular” scientists. As a highschool student I powered through “The Universe in a Nutshell” and “A Brief History of Time”. Such well written books given the complexety of the topics! Quite a sad day.


Very sad, but well outlived his 2 year life expectancy when he was diagnosed. Proof if it was ever needed that nothing should ever hold you back from living life.

Rest In Peace


His work has been phenomenal over the years and he never let his condition slow down his ability to expand human understanding of the universe. He defied the medical community by surviving almost 55 years longer than they said he would, raised a family and stepped into the public eye more than ever with his knowledge.

His passing is a loss to society, but that void now needs to be filled by someone to keep pushing the boundaries of our understanding of our place in the universe.

RIP, back to stardust you shall go Prof. Hawking.

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Sad news indeed, he did some amazing stuff during his time on this planet.

RIP Stephen!

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Anyone who hasn’t seen it, should watch “A Theory of Everything”.

It’s exactly fast-paced, but it’s a damn good film.


Curiositystream have put up some free episodes in tribute to Stephen.

I have not seen this so I am going to watch these.