Rising Storm 2: Vietnam - any players here?

I have brought this game but due to circumstance, I have not played this for a couple of months but I am looking to get back into it.

The game is brought to you by the Red Orchestra team.

The best advice for new players is: Don’t get upset if you die - this game you die A LOT. Getting a kill in the game is really satisfying.

There are new maps from when I played, there are modded community maps that I am looking forward to play but this game really does need squad play to be effective in this game. This game is not about the “most kills wins” like the AAA titles are.

Effective comms and commander are a must to really win the game.

I have played with @Xander, Blackraven, Flexxo but mostly with pubbers.

It would be good to see if we can get a squad together for a game some time.

@Jester this is one of dedicated server games you wanted to discuss.

Honestly this is a great atmospheric shooter but its bastard hard and you will die a lot. Excellent ballistic model in it and its tense as fuck. Definitely recommend.

Interesting. I’ll discuss with @n0tch about the dedi-box.

I wasn’t up for it when it first released because it was £20… and money is tight for another game… However, CDkeys.com has it for £7.49 at the moment - which is VERY cheap.


Makes you wonder why. Checking on Steam, the reviews have dropped from ‘Very Positive’ to ‘mixed’ with a lot of negative comments. Problems seem to be based around lack of content, graphical glitches - and most important to me, a lacking anti-cheat system.

However: It is on a FREE WEEKEND until the 5th of September… so many this is a good time to give it a little look…

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Always makes me laugh this guy. Reminds me of ME :joy::joy:

3.1GB update tonight… no details to what it is.

Q&A with Tripwire

I bought it a while ago, played it a couple of times and failed a lot.

That’s pretty much how it goes. It’s “horrific Vietnam war simulator 2017”

I seem to remember playing this with a friend ages… I can’t remember how I got it and whether I bought it or had a free trial of it, but I want to get into a slower paced war based FPS game.

If I own it I’ll jump on until I find the funds for R6.

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