Rising Storm:Vietnam (added new poll - please vote - 22//0618)

Mic, how you going with this?

Haven’t played it in a while, BF1 got a mini-revival; then BF4 back to BF1 and PUBG then the DIVISION and then back to PUBG…

Hardly anyone plays it and you need a good team to achieve anything.

Will try and get back into it in 2018 though whilst trying to fit in FM2018.

5.2GB download available

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Looks better than I recall. Got me a bit curious I have to say.

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I think I may get back into this…

RISING STORM 2: VIETNAM received a major content update today to expand and improve the first person shooter. Keeping with their commitment to the community supporting RISING STORM 2: VIETNAM, Tripwire Interactive and Antimatter Games have releases the update for free, introducing new maps, weapons, and, the Army of the Republic of Vietnam as a playable faction.

Keeping with history, the ARVN soldiers were equipped with outdated United States military gear and were trained by foreign military officers. Iconic guns such as the M1918A Browning Automatic Rifle, Thompson M1A1 SMG (a.k.a. Tommy Gun, Chicago Typewriter), M1 Garandm and more are coming to the conflict with this update along with historic conflict zones, Quang Tri and A Sau.

A good read… Q&A from 13 days ago with Devs,

Just wondering who has this, has interest in it etc.

    • Already own it
    • Think I might get this
    • Interested but not sold
    • No interest in the game

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new 2.3GB download

@Scottyboy - anything particular holding you back? Please ask and I will try and answer.

Going to hopefully try for a game this weekend

Dunno. Time, other interests at moment. I like my Arma, BFV soon.

I’m being anti-social recently.

War Thunder is my fix at the moment. Have too many other titles to play anyway and won’t spend money on something I might play for an evening before leaving it.

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Looks to be a new custom map.

@vredesbyrd - game of interest?

Think I will get back into this when I am off, anyone up for a game?