Risk of Rain 2


Think I’ll pick this up. I liked the look of the first one but bullet hell in 2D is not really my bag and I’m not a huuuge fan of Roguelikes. This is 3D, beautiful looking and looks really fun:

Edit: Fuck it. Bought.

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Its very good. Reminds me LOADS of Pineapple Smash Crew with bits of Sword of the Stars: The Pit and sprinklings of loads of other Rogues.

If anyone else grabs this let me know and I’ll CooP with you!

Edit: Just unlocked the second character and she’s more fun than the first. Also just figured out that the doubles of item drops I’ve been picking up seem to stack so their abilities get stronger. For example I had 3 feathers which meant I could jump four times. I also had three lots of speed boosting so I was like a power walker on meth.



I saw it, inclined to buy it as I did the old one. But I already have so many games to play and coming up I might tdelay it a bit. Its early access anyway and I have no need to rush it!

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Absolutely loving this. Unlocked the third character which is a wheely robot with a gattling gun, rail gun and grenade launcher.

I did my longest run with the previous character I unlocked (ninja lady with a seeker bow, dash, seeking glaive) and ended up with a silly amount of equipment and drones:

I also love the way the characters change as they pick items up:



I might try it just for that. Love me some ninja/bow action!

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I’m enjoying this so much I’ve picked up the first game on the Switch!

I’d love the second game on Switch as well - hopefully it comes over after it finishes EA.

Edit: Feeling saucey and might try my hand at streaming this tonight. If I do I’ll post it up.



Tried it, 3rd round went for 38minutes. I never would have thought the conversion to 3d would be so flawless. It feels very natural! As the 1st game, great for a quick break on the side!

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Think I’m streaming?!



Noice - looks fun :slight_smile:

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The quality looked doo doo so I’ll have to look in to that, and I need to mess with the sound and sort it to save the recordings, any one notice anyting other than that?

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Stupid question but what about a coop game on the weekend?

Yeah would love this on Switch, I really enjoyed the 1st game back in the day but THIS is even better! Its made to be on the Switch. I think they will after its finished… hopefully.

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I’m up for that!



Might even play a couple of rounds tonight! If you wanna join and see me play send me a message!



I’ll see what time I get home and message you if it isn’t too late!



Just that. Wasn’t sure if any of my chats were turning up on your screen - never used twitch to know how you get stuffz…



Ahh no, no notifications or anything at all.

I’m still super nub to this so it’s probably something I have or haven’t done.

I’m home Zorn but I have a piece of coursework to mark which could take between 40 minutes and 2 hours depending on what I find when I mark it so I’m really not sure if I’ll be on tonight mate.



No problem. Unlocked the Huntress and I love her, had a really good run and beat lvl4 yesterday but died in lvl 5 (looped back to 1 but with all the gear and XP). The boss one shot me :smiley: .

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The last time I played I had a quick go of the pure melee character and really didn’t like him. The robot character could be fun after a few levels of pickups/upgrades but so far nothing beats the Huntress for me.



Gonna stream a bit of this again in the next 30 mins or so:



Played as the Grenadier guy and had another go as the Ninja. Actually not bad when you’ve got some upgrades.