Rocket League - PS4 - Anyone want some games?

So Jester asked me to post up here with some videos of Rocket League, it’s something I’ve been playing pretty much constantly since last year. Think football meets micromachines. If anyone wants a game sometime, let me know. I’m always up for it!

Below are some gameplay videos from myself and friends (all the shit goals were mine…)

As I said, if anyone wants some games give me a shout. I don’t have it on PC sadly, just the PS4.


I play it quite a lot myself! Next time I’m on and see you online I’ll throw you an invite. Got up to Platinum 1 Div 2, then it all went to shit :frowning: Now struggling to get back out of Gold. Can’t wait for Season 6 to start next week and get a reset.

I also watch RLCS (Rocket League Championship Series) and other tournaments, it’s fugging nuts!

50 minutes long FYI. Gameplay starts at 3:10

Platinum 2 myself.

Wait who am I kidding :joy: I’m between silver 3 and gold 2 purely dependant on whether my teammates know their ass from their elbow.

A couple mates are diamond and champion level and I can hold my own fairly well with them. It’ll be good to get some games with you Pip!