Router help

Looking to change internet soon and thinking about changing away from what ever plus net give me as a router. Need something with a good wireless signal as with the missus starting to work from home it needs to have good coverage.

Any recommendations? Anything round 150 mark

I’ve got the ASUS RT-AC86U

Absolutely amazing. Great wifi around the house, gigabit Ethernet, tonnes of features including the ability to create your own private tunnel and setup a VPN service from a router level. Lots of info on connections. Can add a USB device to your network too which is really handy for me as I have a label printer that isn’t wifi/networkable - but now is.

If you’re on Plusnet, you’ll need a DSL router - the RT-AC86U is for Virgin style networks. I believe this is the equivalent version:

I can only presume it has the same features as mine.

Mine is a bit old now - I’m not sure if there are any new standards that newer routers might have. I know it supports 802.11ac wifi - is there anything better than that currently? I don’t think there is.


+1 To what Jess says.

Have the same router for my copper line. Havent had any issues with it. Good dual band wifi. Can set up a guest wifi network which I give to friends or familty coming into the house. Good APP for the android phone. Occasionally certain firmware upgrades have borked their QoS UI but ASUS have rectified it pretty quick. Think alot of people use the Merlin firmwares so lots of support and tweaks there.

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That’s good as that is the one I’ve been looking at.

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+2 as I have that model as well.

But then of course I do. Single White Female, I’m telling ya!

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