Currently on talk talk in current place, old router thing. Looking at upgrading, soooo after a bit of googling, narrowed down to net gear d6400 (£80 on amazon) or Asus rt-ac68u (£130 on amazon). Asus is faster and has MESH ability. I know nowt about networkimg, tbh, so wanna make sure that either / both can be used on most / all networks due to probably moving again in the next few months.
Ta. Looking to order today / tomorrow morning…
Fankoooooo! :kissing_heart:

i use a previous version of that asus and it’s been solid for years.

whether you can use them with whatever ISP depends on the ISP; I can’t use mine with vodafone for example because I’d have to use their kit, but i use it with bt fibre (exactly the same tech) and it’s fine because they provide the details you need to use it.

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The netgear one defo does work with a few (amazon ad says so), no clue on Asus one as I have no clue about networky shizzle.

have got the dsl version of the 68U. been pretty decent. Control panel is nice and user friendly. Got an app as well so can access it from my phone. Occasionally use that to turn the misses access off!

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Affiliated links for you: @Leepants :star_struck:

I too have the ASUS - and its the best router I’ve had… fantastic Wifi, easy control panel. Recommended.


Fankoooooo! Can order with prime from affiliate?

Seems so, on delivery options. Ta! Ordered.

Thanks all.

Click either link activates the affiliate. I linked to the nearest product to the model number you specified - Please make sure it is the correct product though as there could be ADSL/DSL variants. If it isn’t correct, just search on Amazon for it - the affiliate link will still be in effect once you’ve clicked it.

out of curiosity, what % do you get via affiliate links? I’m assuming that they don’t work with smile which is why you’re probably not getting much of a benefit form my amazon habit :confused:

5% on Amazon

Smile is your bank? That shouldn’t matter.

Affiliate links work by putting a cookie - normally 30 days - on your machine that gets picked up when you make a purchase on Amazon (or other shops that I’m associated with - although each is independent, so clicks don’t cross over) - If you make a purchase, I get a commission IF I am the last affiliate cookie that you used.

So what can happen is you see something you want to buy, you click my link to the product, you go to the checkout and think “ooo I wonder if there is a voucher code for this” - you google for a code and find one, which even just highlighting the code can overwrite my cookie with the voucher companies cookie… and then they effectively hijack the commission.

I don’t make a lot from it at all. Probably about £50 to date. But it is free cash effectively.

smile is the amazon scheme for giving a % of what you spend to charity; mine goes to cancer research.

you need to use so i don’t know how they’d interact.

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I had no idea what smile was. Amazon probably need to advertise it more. Looks good though.

Reading up - it would seem that whilst commission is paid on smile referrals, tracking code isn’t transferred across automatically… so I’d have to create a second link with the smile. subdomain attached for smiles users…

when they launched it over here last year i got a popup notification on visiting amazon once. that was it. no future notifications, no advertising, no emails or other faffery. Not sure why you’d set something like that up and then not try to get folks to use it, i didn’t realise they’d opened it up to all registered charities until recently (CRUK were in the initial roll out and at the time there were no dog based charities).

I figured it must be separate enough to be an issue because your basket doesn’t transfer between the two, so you can’t just switch to smile when you go to checkout (again, weird choice on their part?).

Yeh, so erm, seems I need a modem thing too as the router doesn’t have an input for broadband. So, probably a HUGE waste of money as the “choke” will be with talktalk old router… I am not the ISP account holder, so have no info, and TT need the info before tehy’ll take my monies for a new modem"super router" thing. Ebay has some, mind…

Any suggestions, kplzthx.

EDIT:- sod it - ebay for new TT modem fing

what sort of broadband is it you’ve got? I’m guessing talktalk DSL (rather than talktalk fibre)?

Yeah, you’ll need a standalone DSL modem, but assuming you can get one, if you change in future to fibre or virgin media you’d be able to use the same router and just switch out the modem; i did this moving from DSL to fibre (the fibre modems go for less than a tenner on ebay). I used the router from my old ISP in ‘dumb modem’ mode when i was on DSL (it does the modem part and nothing else, and connects to the router via standard ethernet).

Seems talktalk do provide the details you need to use third party hardware (unlike vodafone):

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Ta - yarps I did a goggle thing - didn’t understand too much!

Aye, it is “just” DSL. I’m not going to ask for upgrade etc, as I don’t know how long I will be here. I can’t find any way to “access” TT modem settings either, sadly. Any help on that would be nice, if there is such a thing.
Thanks Ad :slight_smile:

if you can find out the make/model of the talktalk router i can have a look. There’s usually a default way they’re setup, and what you can achieve will vary from model to model.

DSL modems aren’t the rarest thing, i may have one spare somewhere, or i may have donated it following my switch to fiber, i’ll have to check the old ‘room o’ stuff’. The difficulty is usually that you’re offline when you’re trying to set things up :confused:

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Ad - is fine, buddy - I got a “new” TT DSL router from ebay that is already in the post :slight_smile:
Once that arrives, I’ll dig about tinterweb to see if I can find owt. I’ll shout if I can’t! :slight_smile:
As it’s weekend, I’ll probably be about online a fair bit. Failing that, Jes has my number - happy for you to text me and I can call you if required :slight_smile:

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Well, seems the “new” TT modem / router has unthrottled a bit - d/l is now nearer 10Mb, before, 7. £15 well spent!


Holy thread revival, batman!

New place means TP link is slower (about 25% of the wireless), so now looking at my wireless card to see if it needs upgrading… I know naff all about them, tbh…

It’s Qualcomm AtherosAR938x, 802.11n, 56Ghz thing, apparently…

Is it any good, are there better / faster / stronger receiver?


Hi Pants,

I don’t think you will get much better as it is already a n class. I hope you have some sort of an external antenna on that.
Now how about getting one of the power over ethernet thingies and then you will not need the wireless.
My kit is netgear but I could not find any on amazon.
Something like this:|1828984031|1828988031|2033404031

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