[Rumour] Battlefield V / WW2

Oh hell, you missed out on the fun of Medic Trains in BC2… Medics were the ones with the LMGs… Full squad of them steam-rolling at you, not fun.

Damn, i almost posted that I’d take a battlefield in the titanfall universe in lieu of 2143 if it meant they actually made it :smiley: Maybe as a prequel? I’m still convinced 2142 could/should have been in the command and conquer universe.

That’s what BF1 has :slight_smile: The only medic is the medic. No one seems to be bothered by it though; I’m a fan because it means i can just play my role. Snipers are still a bag of dicks because it’s a BF game, but they seem to get dealt with. That’s not my job, so I’m not sure how.

BC2 medics were nuts, as was demolishing whole towns with 40mm grenades as assault. I’d like to see that level of terrain deformation again; BF1 made good progress back in that direction, but it’s got nothing you can flatten like Africa Harbor.

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According to the report, EA and DICE are trying to make the two games consistent with one another, which makes sense considering how successful Battlefield 1 was. This means bringing back elements from Battlefield 1 such as voice actors like Katherine Kingsley, who voiced an announcer in the multiplayer mode for Battlefield 1. She posted an Instagram photo of her in the recording booth on January 1 with the “#battlefield” as a caption.

Battlefield 5 is expected to be an iterative evolution of Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1, and is going to use the same engine as Battlefield 1 and Battlefront 2. The game is going to have four classes- Assault, Support, Recon, Engineer, or the same four DICE has stuck with for years- as well as Elite Classes, Behemoths, and Kit Weapons. Operations mode will be returning, and vehicles are going to be in the game, controlling more like they do in Battlefield 4.

More lies and red herrings!! Bf2143 all the way.

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