RX 580 NITRO+ £182 (Amazon Black Friday)

  • @Jester can you affiliatise this please mate?

Edit by Jester: Done :slight_smile:


There is also this MSI variant that gets you two games choosing from Devil May Cry 5, The Division 2 and Resident Evil 2.

  • @Jester can you do the same to this one boss?

We’ve just bought one for Kate but I clicked through from your forum affiliate link and searched it up.

Edit by Jester: Changed this one too. Thanks Vred :slight_smile:


They seem some tasty deals. Thanks for the headsup Verd


Those are some decent deals on them!

Hell, considering that each of those titles are going to be 50 quid on release (going on RRP, not 3rd party sellers), it’s like getting the card for 60 quid.


Crazy deals considering it out performs my 980 4gb for nearly 1/3rd the price I paid!


Thanks Jes!


I’d almost be tempted to get a 590 to replace my 970 considering those prices, but I wouldn’t use two of the titles anyway.

Spec-wise the nVidia ones just beat everything else… except on price.


Just noticed, the preview is showing £49.99!

It’s £199.97.


Radeon RX 580 8gb is down to £179 on Amazon - the pricing wars are here!


Cheers boss!