Satellite Reign

So, I got an email today saying that Satellite Reign (revamped version of Syndicate) is not on GOG for under €4.

If you were a fan of the original Syndicate and Syndicate Wars, I would wholeheartedly recommend you pick it up!


It’s a good game, I need to go back to it at some point!

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I loved Syndicate back in the day. I will defently have a look at this game.

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I spent soooo much time on Syndicate, in fact re-bought it not that long ago. So much time for it. But one of the reasons I loved it was because of advancing your guys from mission to mission and that really got zenithed in X-com. Too many other games and hobbies and LIFESHIZZLE for another game right now, especially with the possibility of Hell Let Loose just round the corner…

For the price, it really is worth picking up.

@Jester, do you have an affiliate link for GOG by any chance?

I’d totally be up for some co-op multiplayer on this! :smiley:

Really enjoyable game and well worth 4 quid

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Wait… co-op multi ?

curse cursory consumption

Yesh co-op multi!

If anyone fancies it gimme a shout! :sunglasses: