So this is one of them automation type dealos, but going by the trailer much more advance and complicated! It kinda looks like minecraft + Arc kinda… but for some reason I love these kind of games, get you thinking and designing and great with others to join in and build a big ol factory :smiley:

Start small, dream big!

Ive applied for an alpha spot and fingers crossed!

Web site is here:

The start of their FAQ:

Is Satisfactory a lizard doggo simulator?

Not really but if you want to play it that way, you can. But you’ll probably find the game to be less than Satisfactory in this case.
Did you even try on this game or is this another Goat Simulator?

Hey we tried on Goat Simulator. But we tried harder on this game.
Where is the next Goat Simulator DLC? Or Sanctum 3?

places finger over lips Shhhhhh.
What is Satisfactory about?

Satisfactory is an FPS open-world factory building sim. You play as an engineer on an alien planet tasked to complete ‘Project Assembly’ - a massive machine for a mysterious purpose. Conquer nature, build multi-story factories, and automate to satisfaction!
Are there multiple procedurally generated planets?

No, there are no procedurally generated planets. Just one beautifully crafted, hand-made, 100% organic, vegan, GMO-free planet.


I saw the trailer on RPS and I forgot to post it up. It looks quite interesting, essentially Factorio in an FPS skin (apparently).

Ravage the local environment, slaughter the indigenous species for your own gains, build a doomsday device… sounds like home :smiley:

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yes indeedy, and do it with friends (obviously don’t drink and use heavy machinery :wink: )

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having just about completed my first factorio playthrough, i’m all over this.

@Xander keeps making vaguely positive noises about factorio, he might be up for this too.


cool, could be a good group thing to work on :slight_smile:

Im trying the Factorio demo atm, and tis shiney!

Has anyone else been invited to Alpha Testing this weekend?

I have been and would like to try the game out in multiplayer.

I love this video but before you watch it turn up the volume!

I don’t know what this is, but yes, I have been invited.

wait, is this the thing my brain identified as being first person factorio?

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That is correct good sir.

I got a key and played too. Very fun, bit more simplistic than Factorio but still “indepth” enough. They handle a few things different, BUT it only got to tier 3. For being an alpha I was asstonished how smooth everything went. No bugs of any kind, no server problems and a very good and simple ui ! Bit too controller friendly but still manageable with keyboard and mouse, just a few button presses too much.

Played for 8h straight on Sunday, as it was so much fun! Typical “lets just optimise that little area here”. :smiley:

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I have also bought this if anyone has it, would love to get to gather and co-op .

Well send me an invite and we can maybe get a game running. You have to decide if we play the experiemental server or use the live one, both have different clients. My username is as always btw :wink: .

Strange, didn’t have you as a friend in Origin, Steam or Epic.

Some stuff i read suggested this was still quite simplistic in contrast to factorio on account of being in early access, so i’m torn over diving in or holding out for an actual release.

How are you finding it? Is there enough there to throw a hundred hours at, or will i hit 50 and struggle to find things to do?

I started playing this a while ago and stopped waiting for more updates around 2 months ago. Then Mk11 got released and got hooked :smiley:. They added far more content meanwhile which allows for more complex structures, like stacked transport belts or vertical belt elevators.

I think right now 50h+ is defintely possible, 100h+ is questionable. It comes down on how much of a perfectionist you are. If you care for esthetics and the perfect build you can easily dump 100h+ into it.

I would say if you are on the fence, watch a few people on youtube. There are plenty of people around playing. I think its well worth the price even right now and they still update the game!

Two Youtubers to check out, both of them played a bunch of Factorio before but they have very different appraoches!

Brothgar, perfectionist, plans everything and strikes for maximum performance. He shows mostly the building parts, the theory behind it and use math heavily

Wanderbots, bit more relaxed tries to keep it tidy but maybe not 100% perfect. Shows everything from exploration to the building of structures This is his solo playthrough, bit more thoughts on the game than his coop playthrough