Scammers hacked

Hacking their computers, pretty standard… but hacking their CCTV - fair play. They must have kept the default user/password (fairly common exploit point)

Think I’ll subscribe to his YT channel. Thing is: group like this needs more than just a panorama article on it. We need to put sanctions on India to force them to act on it. Our societies most vulnerable are the victims.


It’s easy to laugh when you get one calling and you either lead them on or insult the utter fuck out of them in the worse possible way (short of some genuinely nasty characters, these people are fucking leeches), but the amount of money that they take from people is disgusting.

It would be interesting to see how any country would try to curtail these dickheads.

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Well, without getting political, from a UK point of view we are part of the Commonwealth with India. We should be assisting them with our cyber defense knowledge to bring these individuals to justice. Bit of direct co-operation with our Police and theirs. Their problem is our problem and we should solve it together.

I’ve been listening to a podcast I’ve found ‘Darknet Diaries’ and it covers ‘PBX hacking’ and centres around one particularly successful bunch. They were traced to India and with some cooperation between the US and Indian authorities two guys were arrested for the scam. So it could definitely work if either side were properly motivated.

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