EVGA competition Win a FTW3 1080ti Hybrid September 2017

So a competition to win a FTW3 1080ti Hybrid from
Follow the link below:

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Free 10809ti!!!




Me just thinking about an EVGA card means it’s already dead. I’ve just ruined the competition. Sorry guys.

Serialz: Cheers for the shout! I’ll enter and pop it in Kate’s rig in the unlikely event I win. Hopefully that way it’s far enough removed from me that my curse doesn’t affect it!

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I sign up for every competition I can so popping links here is no big deal. I was not really sure if people liked that type of stuff, bud did it anyway (Note these are my own reference links so I get more entries from them).
Have not won a competition since 2015 and signed up for about 50 last x-mas.

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