Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


ÂŁ39.99 seems to be the cheapest I can find this (CDKeys) anyone else found cheaper?

Edit – Decided I could only budget to renting on PS4.

However here’s some review scores.


i want it so bad but can’t justify the cost with so many half played/ unplayed games

That’s why I’m renting it from Boomerang Rentals mate. £10.99 a month :+1:

Bit pissed off right now. Bought this from cdkey, they warn its not available in South Korea well shouldn’t be an issue. I can still play in Germany or maybe use a VPN to unlock? Either way I thought it should be fine, great game for no Internet, bit of lone wolf solo play or Christmas time.

If you actually follow the key link though it doesn’t display it, but presents you with a dumb message “this is not available in your region”. No shit Sherlock, didn’t prevent you from taking my money first though and my adress clearly states Korea as does the Paypal account I used.

Well support ticket settled it quickly I’m still a bit angry though!

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:frowning: sorry to hear you had issues matey. Glad it is resolved… I presume you got your money back ok?

In relation to this game, check ok Colin Furze weapon build videos… he’s done the axe and shield so far…


They sent me the link after some “negotiations”. The support was allright, but the way they set this up is dump. Why not check BEFORE you pay and make acceptions for that.

This is so fucking hard, but I so fucking love it!

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Played yesterday, died twice in the first 10min. I sort of enjoyed it but cursed at the same time. I liked the story focus a lot, but not sure yet if the difficulty curve is my cup of tea.

It seems Steam upgraded its region protection too. I now need a VPN not only to activate the key but to download it and play it too. If you don’t have the VPN running, it simply won’t appear in Steam, download is blocked and trying to start it without Steam isn’t working either.

I do like the look of this and having played the Bayonetta games and Nier Automata for hacky slashy fun I feel like the difficulty of this shouldn’t put me off too much.

I’ll probably get this when I get bored of the division 2 which will probably happen eventually!

Similar, but I might wanna finish DMC and bayonetta 1&2 before hand :smiley:.

Soooo… I have this… played like 30-45 minutes each time I’ve tried to start it (@ least 3-4 times) but either I totally suck (which is probably the case) or its actually quite hard!

I’ve been reluctant to pick it up because its supposed to be brutally difficult but in a sort of broken way apparently.

It’s hard but approachable… For example in Dark Souls/Bloodborne I was battered and battered in the opening, but was fine in this. If you’re a SoulsBorne player you need to rethink the way you play, some bosses are ridiculously hard, others are quite easy, but it’s fun as heck and exploration is rewarded.

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