Shadow of the Tomb Raider


Probably one of my most beloved “rebooted” franchises from the last years was Tomb Raider. I was bit causious with the initial release but then I chewed through it in record time and almost 100% it, same for the last iteration. The mixture of survival, puzzle solving, exploration and bow shooting (because fuck other weapons, except silenced pistol) is just really enjoyable. If I’m not mistaken the new game releases next week and I couldn’t find ANY post about it yet!

So anyone else a bit excited?


Loved the 1st in the reboot, need to play the second and then will move on to this.


Absolutely love them both! Shadow releases 18th September.


NO, that long, fuck. That other website was lying… that never happens on the internet.


I got some emails about it and am currently playing through rise of the tomb raider.

I’ll probably shadow of the tomb raider when it comes out as the recent games have been really good IMO :slight_smile:





Heard it was going to be the last one of this series of reboots. Not sure if I regret that decision, if it’s true. I enjoyed these games, but I’m curious what else they can do with the franchise.

Knowing me, whatever they come up with, I’m likely to play and enjoy it.


Bought the game, binged it and just finished it - well, 96.99% finished according to the game itself. I was really into the three difficulty options to turn off hints for exploration and puzzles. Overall it was very satisfying to play, though I wouldn’t say it stood out much from the previous two. Really enjoyed all the relics, documents and murals scattered throughout the game. They made it feel more like you were an archaeologist and not just Tomb Stomper Croft.


Still love that old story that floated around the net from a games store, of some lad’s mom wandering in to buy a birthday present game and asking for a game about a gentleman called “Tom B. Raider”


Honestly thought the story was the worst of the three but the overall mechanics and gameplay was better… Still didn’t stop be from getting the platinum trophy :laughing:


Stuck at 99% complete, despite 100% complete in every area. Seems to be a common bug though I thought it was patched out.