Shadow Warrior 2 Free on GOG for the next 48 hours


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The rude, crude Shadow Warrior 2 is free to grab on GOG for the next two days. Flying Wild Hog’s shooter is a big messy slab of old-school FPS’ing infused with painful jokes (which frequently made me giggle), some Borderlands-ish stat juggling, procedural encounter generation and lots of monsters and cyborgs to mulch.

Adam Smith gushed profusely in his review, calling it “anarchic, excessive, ridiculous, occasionally spectacular and almost entirely wonderful”. After winning over Firewatch and Superhot in a vote today, GOG are giving it away for 48 hours, celebrating the store’s 10th anniversary . Get it here and tell your friends – it’s co-op too.

A warning about the CooP - Any story progression made during a CooP session only counts for the host.

From what I can gather (and I could be completely wrong, use appropriate amounts of salt), you progress through the story campaign in single player mode but you can run either missions or parts of the campaign in CooP for the purposes or looting and levelling(?).

Apparently you can play coop between GOGGalaxy and Steam client.

Me and Kate are grabbing this tonight for a gore and booze-filled end of week cathartic gaming session.

“Whats that, demon who is actually the person I had to tell the same simple thing to 12 times this week and you still got it wrong even though its your job? You want to see how sharp this Katana is? Well, over you come!!”


This is pretty excellent. Ninja fantasy meets Diablo, I love it!

The first Shadow Warrior is good too Vred. BTW I voted for this to be the giveaway game, so you’re all welcome :slight_smile:


Managed to grab it before I left :slight_smile:

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Having hilarious fun with this so far. To clarify how CooP works:

Up to four players can join and start off in the story campaign where the host player was up to. Joining players can play any quest the host currently has active or that is activated while they’re in the session and all players get their own drops and rewards tiered to their level. This includes weapons, so if you get a random weapon drop or as a reward and everyone is different levels you could end up getting stuck with a weapon that has lower stats than the higher level players - Kate got a sword at the same time I did but the DPS is 10 points lower on hers, for example.

Any quests that are completed by the party, be it story, side or bounty mission, only count as completed for the host player. Everyone will get the rewards, but when the other players load up their own games or join a different host at a different point in the game, those quests will still be available to complete if they haven’t already completed them in single player or as a host. Kate and I are using this to our advantage by switching between accounts and progressing through the story portions at a time so we end up with double the rewards. Grindy, but its optional and the game is hilarious fun so we don’t mind.