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So I picked up Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice in the steam sale and holyshitballz is this game pretty!

There is combat in this game but its not all the time, got some nice captures during a boss fight :slight_smile:

Its a UE4 game so no surprises that it looks amazing but I was totally amazed that it defaulted to maxed out setting on my old potato of a gaming system! :open_mouth:

I even had a quick play with Nvida Ansel screenshots but I have no idea what I’m doing :smiley:

Here are some good 'ole steam based screenies:

This is the intro cinematic, rendered in real time using the engine:

This is the first thing you see when Senua steps off the log boat above, the devs were getting the point across that this is gorgeous to look at:


Dead boss:

Pretty screenies!

So, erm, HOLY FECKEROONIES is UE4 pretty :crazy_face: :+1:


YES CHED! Love Hellblade.


Replay capture from WT. Nice little hat-trick :smiley:


Not quite a screenshot as I totally forgot to in the excitement haha!

However, it did not all go to plan… Ended the race in 8th :frowning: Damn Bathurst at night!! One slight mistake and its game over.


I have to schedule getting any gameplay uploaded to YT since my upload speeds are so shit here.

Anyway, here’s Wonderwall :stuck_out_tongue:


Got my first ever FIA Test Season Manufacture Series win !!! WOOOO


I think I must be borrowing Xanders hacks ! 2 wins on the trot! I’ve been lucky to finish top 10 till now.


So…Survive The Nights has come out now…servers getting hammered…but managed to get on one this morning and have a quick look around…didnt last long…found Zed…Zed killed me :slight_smile: but will try more at lunch.

Just a few quick screenies of it. @Hammy


I tried it last night, Server browser was broke so couldnt get on!


Yeah i did hear that. They put out a patch quick that fixed a few things


Will give it a go when I get home from the pub later.


Excellent parking from my mate Adam:slight_smile:




This took so much concentration, laps 2-17 0:49 Laps 18+19 0:48 Lap 20 0:49. 8 places on Brands Hatch Indy is a hard feat.


@adrock Here it is…



Now i need to make up a new challenge. and not something impossible like the M249 challenge.


base games on max settings no additional settings or shaders

After Nvidea filers settings



I saw a bunch of stuff there from CES where they allow you to apply a shit-ton of different filters for image capture?


Dude - I just logged back in and already I’m overloaded with info. What seems like a ton of money, I’ve got ships all over the galaxy, clones in different systems with different implants, tons of stuff sat there in the station I guess ready to sell, I have no idea what the hell is going on lol. To cap it all off the game is trying to give me the newbie tutorial with a free frigate!