Share your Screenshots


Not just image capture implay with the filter on only loose about 6 frames not alot of games supported ATM but always adding


Took some Warhammer Total War shots. I love this game:


Some nice peaceful mining in EVE

Took some damage from Rats…

So I upgraded to more Hobgoblin drones instead of the slower Hammerhead units…

And now they hurt things that try to hurt me :smiley:


I have named this salvage ship The Jack Burton;


This covert ops frigate is used for exploring the wonders of the universe, sometimes whilst invisibule. I have named it The Carl Sagan;

One must always decloak before entering a station, it’s only proper


Having launched my probes I proceeded to track down some localised anomalies, with finds including a wormhole, a small Pirate Base and an ancient relic site which collapsed around me having already been pillaged by previous intrepid explorers;


I have a salvage ship. It’s called “Sucky”


Tomb Kings came out. Managed to capture the undead skeletons getting their army straight into the orcs:


Shadow of The Colossus PS4 Remake. (On the PS4 Pro)


Always heard great things about SotC!

Waiting on Praey for the Gods to be released on PC, hopefully this year.


Such dangerous beauty…me getting popped in what was a lovely ship, poorly fit though. I under-estimated what these belt rats could do…
Also some more exploration :slight_smile:


Got popped again!?

We need @n0tch to lend a helping hand wiv sum dakka.

It’s the Inquisitor that needs to be popped first and foremost I think?


I have the dakka!!

You guys about tonight?


Part of the ‘dark’ ending for dark souls 3 fantastic game!


Subnautica spam now I’ve completed it and feel all empty inside again:

Casa de Vredesbooty

My big fat rocket :kissing_heart:

Only the essentials: Coffee and Junk food

Moonpools - Seamoth up front, PRAWN in the back.

The office


Come in to my boudoir…

ALT+F4 to this scary ass planet.

Man was really fucking hot.

Crouching PRAWN suit hidden suction grappler.


Ready for mining. New Orca bought.

And a Hulk


The fucking size of that Orca!!!


Just the one screenshot today… But damn…


New Ishkur skin


Phone screenshot…

Made me laugh…