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The Witcher 3

I used Nvidia experience thing for this as it has a fantastic photo mode that works as if it built into the game ( just like the photomodes in alot of PS4 and xbox games) were it will pause the game and give you FULL 360 camera control and a whole mess of filters and tools to tweek the image and once you have your image it resumes the game like nothing happened it’s mental!


Was it using Nvidia Ansel Reno?

I played with it in hellblade, totally mental captures can be made with that.


i thinkso not sure whats it’s called all i know is ALT F2 dose magic for me now XD


repost from my facebook but im proud of my self :smiley: Not played halo in years! and my first game in Halo 5 on the xbox one.


A screenie from Dead Cells.

This level is fucking difficult but the statue at the beginning of the level is badass :smiley:


Far Cry 5. Is very pretty.



Yup Far Cry 5 is very pretty indeedy Scotty :smiley:

Added picture of TV for the added HDR+WCG drools


Not a screen shot be me playing as the new Hero is Overwatch she is soo much fun to play as!!


nice red dwarf reference in either stellaris or the star trek mod for it.



Fuckin’ Westley…


Fuuuuuuuck yes!

Ok, I’m bragging on this one. Ran a decent run on C pretty much solo, knocked out 2 or 3 before being killed, then came back, racked up another 5 with the Pz IV J, then grabbed the Stuggy F and let rip and single-handedly took on the remaining 5 players and captured 2 points to win the game with 22 tickets to spare :smiley:
Teams start with about 2,500 tickets.

I’ll grab a video capture of it while I can.


You area god sir… but I think we need to get you into rb sometime soon :slight_smile:



Yup, there’s a Keep Earth Human party in this election, and their nominee is a Klingon scientist. He isn’t going to win.

edit: he didn’t win, and he died 6 months later.


Video Glory!


@VirulentPip how do I share my ps4 ones on here?


@Hammy What I do is plug a USB stick into the PS4 when you press Options while in the screenshot/video view on PS4 you can transfer to the USB :slight_smile:


This is VERY early game (maybe a few mins in). But holy fuck it’s amazing, absolutely loved the first hour.


Waiting on a 4k tv before getting this!


Screen shot from Cities Skyline, had a Tsunami…