Share your Screenshots


Screen shot from Cities Skyline… i deleted a section of my shopping district and all hell broke loose!



Taken with Nvidia thingy


So…not done this well in WarThunder for a while.

Good old M6 did the job :slight_smile:


Dayum son!

I’ve been having a wretched time recently, 2-3 kills max in most games. :confused:


Well that’s a whole load of nope!!


Ahh that’s more like it!!


Since I haven’t posted a game piccy in a while I thought I’d show you this silliness;

That’s me upgrading my pistol with a Riven mod to Rank 30…




Bought no mans sky to mong around with.

Behold my flying toaster! (Not sure if everyone starts with one of these? but I named it accordingly!)

Started off on an ice planetoid with a broken flying toaster:

Visited a spaaaaaaaceeee station:

Found a moon that I swear is one of the levels from DOOM 2016, doesn’t my toaster look cool?!:

Overall impressions so far…1xBSOD (my PC has been doing this randomly so may not actually have been the game) and no janky game shit (yet)


Darksiders 2 love this game ( also steams screen shot file location is fucking stupid


As good as the first one?


in some ways better has a Diablo type loot system so you can change how you play.



How is Detroit pip? I have only seen the odd snippet of it here and there.


Really like it Cheddles, so many story branches and the characters are instantly likable and hook you in.


Not a screenshot…

But after more tries than I care to admit, I finally got a solos win on Fortnite :smiley:


That’s one thing I could never get on with is building defences


Yeah some people are ridiculously good! Luckily none of these wanted a build battle and I won with shooting skill alone haha


Palicos are adorable. Even as the connection isues in the game persist they brighten up my day a bit :smiley: