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You know what’s better than an 88mm? Four of them…

They really have done the collision detection really fucking well. I dodged this torpedo by about 30cm…

Cruising down tha channel in my 301…


Oh hey there buddy off in the distance! Good thing we’re on the same team… German Destroyer 3.5Km out… A whole lotta boom!

2 x 533mm tubes of fun headed your way! :smiley:

Well, it turns out that you can take your already researched aircraft with you on missions in Naval warfare… so I took my premium Bf109 with a 250Kg bomb :smiley: Took out a heavy flak barge with the bomb and then dropped 3 aircraft with 20mm cannon fire. I was happy :smiley:


New WoW expansion is out and that evening sky is amazing


:open_mouth: this is now my third win… Nearly 200 games to get the first now on my third 30 later haha


Oh how Panthera has changed lol


What game mode is that @MadMan


Exile, I can see Poptabs along the bottom :slight_smile:

Looks lush though doesn’t it.


Thought that, cant think where abouts on the map that is, but it has been years since I played that map. Has it been officially released or is it a custom map?


IceBreaker…who made the original Dayz map recreated it for Arma3 and embellished it.

It is Zappado, south east, desert area, we did lots of looting there in the good old days :slight_smile:

I notice the authors of Exile have finally added it the the Steam Workshop.


Had another go on No Mans Sky today, got me a new flying toaster!

Well this one is not actually a toaster because its an A class ship but I called it flying toaster Mk2 anyway :smiley:

Its got more slots on it than my first ship so I’m happy!


New photo by Phil Sawyer



Saving the city, one selfie at a time :smiley:



Some purdy scenes in Fallout (after a few mods):

Installed ‘Homemaker’ mod so I can build decent settlements. Built a power station for Sanctuary:

Also replacing the busted up houses with the help of ‘Scrap Everything’ and Homemaker so I can restore the old houses:



Some more Fallout 4 screenies with mods:

New mental .308 AR that is OP and unbalanced but was hilarious fun until I replaced it with a different, even more broken but hilariously fun AR.

Some more pew pew.

Mornings at Grey Garden.

Nightstalkers (mislabeled) are back in the popular creature mod and more dangerous than deathclaws!!

A new variation of deathclaw.

Deathclaw brawl outside the Rocket labs.


Cuddling in borderlands :slight_smile:


Something I was really disappointed I wasn’t able to do out fo the box for the first year or two Fallout 4 was out: A weapons room!


The moment i 100% completed Spiderman PS4 had just kicked a few fellers of the roof :smiley: