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Gnome squits:

The ‘Unique NPCs, Creatures and Monsters’ mod is really spitting out some weird and terrifying shit - A Deathclaw Stingwing:

Upgrading and rearranging the gun room abit:


Went hunting for deer, carrying the deer back… This fucking game!!



Couple of ranked rumble goals on Rocket League.

Have had to edit due to 3 reply rule…

Eerie AF.


So, War Thunder now looks like this :smiley:

“Movie” presets… running at 50-75 FPS @ 3440x1440 :blush:



Pictures and screenshots don’t do this justice. I know it’s just animation but the 4K and HDR make it look so fucking good!


Here’s my character in Division 2:

This will not be his final form though! :smiley: