Should I drop 700 sterling on a 1080Ti?

So, eBuyer have the MSI 1080Ti Gaming X for 700 sterling, which is €783, and about €220 cheaper than anywhere else in Ireland I could order it from.

Now sadly, eBuyer doesn’t seem to want me to add any Irish address to my account, which is a bit of a bollocks.

Worth it for the price?

@adrock, what say you?

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Check this out.

you’re on a 970 right? the jump from 980-1080ti was appreciable given the resolution we’re at. whether it’s worth 800 is going to be too subjective.

i know you’re a fan of MSI, i am too to a point (my 980 and 680 were both MSI), but EVGA seal it for me with their warranty remaining valid when you remove the cooler, which MSI claim to offer but people have issues claiming. Also transferrable warranty in case you want to sell it on down the line. I was always going to slap an aio cooler on it (NZXT X62 and kraken G12 in this case) so that helped ease my fears of breaking a £700 GPU on day1.

plus you can sell your 970 on to someone who’ll really appreciate it and get warm fuzzy feelings :smiley:

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I may be shifting the 970 for €1-200 to my sibling to fix their desktop (I think the old 560Ti in it is dead, but subject to testing), so that takes the sting out of it and brings it in line with a standard 1080.

I reckon a 1080Ti would give me a comfortable 5 years of GPU über-grunt…

Will confirm my subsidy payments before I commit I think.

Spend the money.

Get the card.

We’re not coming over with a surprise one for you in a box :wink:



…happy to help :slight_smile:

Alright, fine, reasoning. BORING.

It’s always tempting, and even can be justified when you want it enough, but no. “But it’s future proofing!”. Yeah, maybe half a year more than a 1080, for the low, low cost of 250 euros extra.

The price to performance just isn’t there, compared to a 1070 or 1080. Resist the shiny. RESIST IT


Aaaaaand it’s sold out.

Also, I had the price wrong, it was 700 sterling, not 800. So about €783.

Did you check the amazon link I put up 701 sterling the EVGA ICX 1080ti

And by that reckoning he should be getting the 1070ti

If it helps any @NaloaC you wont need to replace the Gaming X standard cooler. Now I know you can have it set for silent running but I’ve got my 1070 set to 20% up to 30C, 40% at 40C,60% at 60C & 100% 70C and above. Mind I’ve never seen it go over 46C & that inc Doom all on full everthing.

My 2p worth is get the 1070 or maybe even the 1070Ti, even I couldn’t justify the extra ££ for the 1080 & as an example at Scan the 1070 is £429.95 & Ti £469.99 (both currently sold out)


They have a Gigabyte 1080 Ti OC Black at Overclockers now for 679,99. You could also use Parcel Motel and have them send it to a NI address if Irish address is not accepted.

Came across this, I chuckled! :smiley:


1080Ti £645|2017-12-19%2009&utm_source=daily_deals_0&utm_medium=email&cid=5448&mid=302325813

Just found out that they sell PC parts on

That is a dangerous discovery, I had two 1080Tis in my basket with my finger hovering over ‘Buy’.

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Why did you point this out to me!! I just had to stop myself ordering a new processor and MB there!

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I know mate…they have all sorts on there and in brands I’m willing to buy which is the cherry for me.

I recently found out that they have a 3 and 12 month no-interest payment option as well which has my wallet twitching.

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looks for Very Affiliate account…