Sicario 2: Soldado

I really enjoyed the first one. It was pretty nasty and quite dark. Will be interesting to see what comes of this.


Awesome. Loved the first one and this looks amazin.

Yeah Sicario is just an amazing film. Can’t help but feel that this is just going to be a shooty shooty obvious twist film though but I hope I’m wrong. Director has changed, lead has changed, angle has changed, no longer a beautiful jigsaw puzzle with outstanding tension then action, may have become a great actioner with a twisty plot if that makes sense?

I kinda feel that Sicario was teetering on the edge of actually being a bit more full on. I like the way this is going and actually keen to see more of Brolins character, and of course, Sicario… whats he all about… Totally looking forward to this.

Totally hyped for this movie. More recent trailer with more insight into the plot.


I was massively sceptical about this until watching this trailer, and to be honest even now I’m sure it can’t be as good as the first - anyone who hasn’t watched Sicario is missing out on great piece of film by the way, watch it immediately! This looks good though. A lot simpler and boiled down, but good.


Yeah, I think they look to be two very different movies. I liked the first, I think I will like this more as it is more up my actiony street. Not to detract at all from how much I enjoyed the first.

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REALLY liked the first one - dark, full of twists and turns. Hard to beat / follow! Fingers crossed for the follow up :slight_smile:

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