I thought I might start a new thread for sim racing.

Racing at Brands Hatch Indy last night. Got in a scrape at turn one on lap 2 and ended up in the kitty litter. Wasn’t happy considering these guys are bloody fast and it’s taken me a while to get decent pace only to last 2 bloody laps.

Any thoughts on what I could have done? I’m the red Nissan.

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Depends on heat in the rear tyres. VERY quick dab of oppo, once tail starts to swing, foot HARD down, front wheel pointed where you wanna go, as it should pull the car straight.

It’s hard, because of potential pendulum. Especially so there because of camber changes too.

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Not liking FWD.

I think I should have hugged the inside much more and defend the inside line up to Druids. At least that’s what’s come out of other discussions :wink:

Didn’t Hamilton do this in f1?

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Could have taken the inside a bit more but by the looks of it the other car deliberately gave you a little love tap

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