Skullgirls - the overlooked gem of fighting games

With Guilty Gear around the corner, in 2 months, a friend of mine from Korea and me are going through our fighting game library. We played some Street Fighter V 2 weeks ago and it was kinda tricky with all the teleporting back and forth on his side (he telported on my screen).

Since I knew only two games with proper integrated rollback netcode, Killer Instinct and Skullgirls, I recommend trying the latter as I have a softspot for it. KI is too difficult.

This game still holds up to this day. Playing solo I never noticed how different you can actually play the characters, similar to what Guilty Gear is praised for. I typically prefer mid to close combat but he likes to keep people at distance, and this game lets you do that with a bunch of characters. Beside that all the characters have some crazy versatility and with the unique artstyle and beautiful animations it really is a shit ton of fun to play.

Additionally the functionality to either play 3v3, 2v2 or 1v1 or combinations thereof (3v1) is great.

Of course as noobies we didnt come close to pulling of all the shenanigans good players could at like EVO for example.

The bst part was honestly the netcode. During our 3h session we only had a few hickups during the end, not bad for a conenction from Italy to South Korea.

Can highly recommend. We might try again this weekend OR try out Guilty Gear XRD 2nd Rev. Depends.

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