Slutbag Xander


Happy 14th birthday buttyyyyyyyyyyyy. I know I posted on FB (which told me Zorn had posted, tbh), but wanted to give opportunity for fellow ZiiPsters who may have missed it an opportunity to give you wishes :slight_smile:


Happy Friday Birthday you haxing Welsh Slag! :smiley:
Have an epic weekender fella :slight_smile:


happy welshness i hope you end tonight dragon your nuts across some sweet lass then cuddling up in her wooly buzzom xxx


Merry birthday Xander!


Happy birthday. Have an amazing weekend and don’t worry life gets better after puberty




Hap burf matey. Have a gud un


I aint THAT Young!

thanks everyone. For anyone curious I am now 26.

I feel old.

Not as old as you fuckers but there we are :stuck_out_tongue:


was about to wish you a happy belated birthday message… nope… wanker


Happy birthday buddy!

I’m not far behind you and I’m starting to feel old!