Smart device for Audio playback?

Hi Folks,
Is there a smart device that works as a speaker, takes voice commands and plays my stuff directly from my own NAS(a network share)?
I know there is google and amazon but these seem to be peddling their own services and do not seem to have(to my knowledge) the ability to play stuff from my own lan so I don’t have to stream everything over the WAN.
edit. should do all of this with voice commands so I don’t need a remote.
Thanking you in advance.

Amazons Alexa streams from my phone, but using the Alexa app and via amazon music. There are MANY “apps” (charms, i think they are called) on Amazons website, so a search about should be able to help you see if there is a thing to do what you want it to :slight_smile:

Are you talking about having an app on your phone and then streaming to an echo or something like that?
If so then that is not what I want. I want something that takes voice commands, maps to a network share and plays music from it. So essentially a self contained unit with no additional stuff to install on a phone/tablet/any other device. I also do not want to be using bluetooth to play the stuff. Could be that I have to wait for a android based device to come out(essentially a tablet with speakers).

Build one? Raspberry pI etc?

I daresay Vred may be able to help… :wink:

A Pi could do some or most of this with varying degrees of effort but I can’t comment on voice stuff.

Which NAS do you have Raven?

Apparently Echo Dots work with some Synology NAS drives. I’ll try it later when I get home and let you if it does and how it works.

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This link describes how you can do it on a Synology NAS but it means opening up the NAS to the internet and a lot of other effort that might not be worth it.

Yes well no synology nas here so nogo on that. i’m really surpriced that they have not made this functionality on all the smart speakers it is a really basic ask.

It does seem a really basic thing to implement since the technology to do it is so widespread.

Could try and see if one of my old phones can be hooked up to do the hello google thing or something similar, since there is a way to map to a network drive there already. Hook the phone up to speakers then. There are a couple of kickstarters going on that are doing android based device with speakers. I’m just not convinced on this kickstarter as they seem to fail most of the time and are just money grabs.

Reason is to keep the info / data within their own servers. :wink: