SMART drive errors

So, I have a mini-server up running unRAID. I’ve run it before without issue. I’m on an AMD A10-7860K, 16GB RAM and an ASRock A68M-ITX mobo. I’m running 2x2GB Toshiba P300 drives with 1 as a parity drive. I have a 500GB Sandisk SSD as a Cache.

My SMART status keeps reporting warnings - not all the time. But to both drives. UDMA CRC error count 4

Brief research suggests that this might be down to SATA cabling… or possibly the controller. But I’m not sure.

I’ve run a short SMART test. No errors.

Anyone recommend good SATA cabling or have any other idea what might be the cause?

i’ve had a few duff sata cables over the years, but the only way of finding out is to swap them out for known working ones, i’m not convinced more expensive cables are any better than the ones you get with a motherboard or as addon items from amazon for a couple of quid.

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The fact it is happening on 2 drives though… at different times… is a bit weird, don’t you think? I mean - to have 2 duff cables?

I suppose that then points to the controller. Grr. or PSU? - I’ll change cables first - and it is the cheapest and easiest.

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Actually, I have a modular PSU and I’m running all 3 drives off 1 line. Might split the power down too.

yeah was going to suggest checking the sata power cables. controller is easy enough to check; stick the drives in another machine with the same cables and then dump some data on and off and check SMART? Fixing might be more problematic, but don’t think about that unless you’re able to determine that the controller is the problem. Or if there’s another controller in that box (i’m assuming not) hook them up to that?

Yes put more power there just in case.

The CRC errors will relate to something happening to the data between the drives and the controller typically but like you say the chances of both cables going bad at the same time is very low.

Power is a good shout as power could cause glitches if its struggling but most modern PSU’s can supply a fair amount of power to drives on a single cable.

I don’t know if there is one for the Toshiba drives (I know of one for Seagate drives) but you might be able to get a standalone drive test program that you boot from a CD/USB that runs in a low level environment and runs drive tests from there which would properly check the SMART status’ of the drives and do R/W tests etc. and would also help determine if the cables have somehow gone bad.

A while back I had a bad SATA cable in my system and it took me AGES to find but it was a single cable so not quite the same thing you have here.

yeah, it’s a bit of a bugger isn’t it. my mind always goes immediately to disk failure. i’ve had 3 or 4 over the years. sata cable failures that is. had waaaaay more disk failures :frowning: