"Smart" notepads, eg Rocketbook or Evernote

Anyone used them? I have seen one in use and was mighty impressed, tbh. For meetings etc, saves going in with a laptop and looking a little “spesh” - can capture actions / lists / notes etc digitally, and one of them has a set of icons which work with an app so that stuff “written” gets sent to specific places, e.g. evernote, google docs etc.

And has QR codes too, so codes can be captured and therefore used / read by others later as well as referenced with / by metadata for searchability.

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I use evernote (I have premium)

Its really good and they keep adding new features to it like being able to clip web content into notes.

You can search over notes too which is great, I use it for worky purposes mostly but I recently made a table note to track what gear I have in the division.

The free version is pretty much fully functional but you are limited to a few devices.

It works great on android too, I can recommend it :slight_smile:

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I use Evernote aswell you can take pictures of documents and it will scan the page so you get the best image
create notes and it automatically dates them
Really simple to use

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Fanx peeps! Glad to see it won’t be wasted and is truly useful :slight_smile: