Smart Watch

Anyone have one (thats not apple) I used to have a Samsung one (think it was the original one) and now thinking of getting a new one as the tech seems to have moved on a good bit since I had one.

Looking at the Huawei W2 to go with the phone. It runs Android Wear OS, though they have release a new smart watch which has moved away from that os to their own. That is sort of putting me off as I dont know how much app support it will have at the start.

Looking one that will run a few fitness apps as well as a golf app. Did have a fitbit for a while, which was great, but basic.

have you seen the new Fit Versa? ive been looking at this, but too much “tech” for my liking

Doesn’t support the golf app I use. Looked at fit but as I liked my last one

How about the Ionic Fitbit. I saw something about that tracking golf? I have a Samsung Gear S3, but it sucks at most fitness stuff as S Health sucks.

Again doesn’t work with this app. It must only work with android wear os