So, Fortnite is the new World of Warcraft then

Another “Bad parents blame video game for son for taking speed and being up all night” story by a dirty tabloid. (Side note: The Mirror describes itself as “The intelligent tabloid”. chuckle)

There’s 2 stories here. On about the 17 lad who tried to kill himself - which frankly sounds a bit BS because of the extremely poor journalism. The other is about a 10 year old who plays too much.

I quite like the quote: “Each time you’re killed you’re automatically dropped back into the battle zone, so it’s like being on an endless loop, and all you want is to move up the rankings for more rewards and better status.”

You mean like every other FPS game, ever?

This is all nothing new. When we were younger, we’ve all been through a period of outrageously long sessions. I can think of many times where we’d play BF2 and such til the early hours of the morning.

The thing I don’t get, is that when I was 17 - I didn’t need sleep. I certainly didn’t need anything to keep me awake - not even energy drinks or coffee, certainly not drugs. I used to have a nightshift job and go to 6th form the next day. Batteries were permanently full. Wish I was like that now! :stuck_out_tongue:

It all comes down to parenting… or lack of it. You buy your 10 year old an Xbox to keep them out your hair instead of having to engage with them, and you wonder why they become more connected to a virtual world than the real one.

Those kids have other issues.

I don’t even know where to begin with all this “Fortnite is ruining my childs life” BS.

“OMG my kid won’t shut up about wanting money for a virtual skin”


When I was young I was asking for money to get Pokémon and football sticker packs… Which I might add are no different from todays loot boxes, you just have something physical to hold I guess.

Either way it’s a joke… Control your kid… Also, the game is actually rated 13+ so it’s on the parents…

Also, also…

The game actually is crack. (no really I am still trying to come 1st in solos after 150 matches)

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Heres a top parenting tip* stop them playing it, set rules or if the worse comes to the worse, turn off the internet or take the game away. Its not rocket science.

*please note, I dont have kids, this could be why

It’s amazing, that dad’s super hearing. He can hear his son’s window open, just in time to save him from suicide. But he doesn’t notice his son’s long lasting spiral into gaming addiction to the point of the college kid skipping classes and pissing into bottles next to his desk.

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Remember folks, it’s everyone else’s fault but your own. Especially if you are shitty parents.


““Fortnite turned me into a suicidal, thieving, lying drug addict.”"

No pal, you have some serious issues :frowning: I do hope people start getting help rather than putting blame upon other things, but I guess that itself is an issue.

wow. the first half of that is written from a perspective of wanting to blame videogames for a more serious issue, whether that’s some issue at home, or a social problem, mental health issue, or genuine addictive behaviour. The parents refer to themselves ‘as good parents’; sounds legit.

the second half is pretty reasonable; a parent and child found themselves in a particular scenario and have handled it well. Better they have that happen in adolescence than adulthood.

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i blame the government! for not having regulatory bodies in place for age rated content in video games … wait.

Addiction as i see it is a two part thing the there is the addictive item tobacco, alcohol or video games and there is the person getting addicted. The former can be regulated and monitored but the last one is down to an individual or those close to said individual.

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This proper made me chuckle.


HAH! Busted.