So, I'm back and currently downloading BFV!

After a long hiatus with no gaming PC, I’ve finally sorted myself out! It’s your friendly neighbourhood PooBoy :smiley:

Hey all, so glad to see things are still going strong here, looking forward to catching up. Is Teamspeak still the order of the day? What’s everyone playing?


The DR will see you now.

See…they all come back :slight_smile:

Welcome home matey. Your room should still be the same

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It’s good to be back! I’m glad no one has been in my room. There’s…stuff in there.

Is taking tags still a thing in BF? It was all i used to do, after all!

Hey DrDan!

Good to see you back.

Discord is the new comms program we use. I’ll send you a personalised link via PM to access our server.

As for tags, not strictly enforced – but saying that, I do like to see [ZiiP] tags all over a server… so yeah, would be awseome.

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Added you to Black Scorpion group so you can see the rest of the forum too.


Thanks Jes! Keen to get involved again! :smiley:

Welcome Back matey!

It’s Dr. Poo Boy, soft and brown he comes from… best not to ask…

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Can an admin sort out discord, Dan can’t see the BF V channel?

Welcome! and some other characters