So NOW developers have taken notice of cheats

So it would seem that Epic Games are looking to sue a h4x0r in Fortnite who both streams themselves hacking and sells the hacks to others. The grounds of the legal action seem to be copyright based and misuse of code.


As multiplayer gamers, we’ve had to endure this for probably getting on for 2 decades… and developers have done sod-all about it. Not properly.

Frankly, as the mainstream multiplayer gaming has increased with another splurt of popularity, I find myself moving further and further away from it.

Still, will be interesting to see its outcome. I guess developers haven’t opened the pandora’s box of legal action before, because if they lost, it’d spell all sorts of trouble in trying to stop cheats. Going to be fun explaining to some senile judge what Fortnite and hackers are though.



Bluehole started this litigation stuff so now epic is following the trend.
Some people in China area already in jail for selling cheats.
Now the bigger issue is that some of the people that sell the cheats also embed malware on to said cheats…

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If people that buy cheats get their own machine infected, then HA! - serves them right!

But if the malware is to create a botnet or to target others, then that is not good.

I hate humans. They’re so stupid.


Stealing personal info and credit card info mainly. That is what I read on the web anyway. Can’t remember the sources but they would be reliable ones.

Only the stupid ones. Ziipsters are great. Viva La ZiiP!!

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As we have discussed in the past, I have found myself moving away from online gaming because of all this. Was more fun when it was geeky and niche.

Been keeping my eye on this too, nice to see developers taking a stand, albeit it 10 years plus too late.

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As Jes has always said, community run dedicated servers. It’s the best way. Shame it’s just not an option in the mainstream anymore.