"So they fixed DayZ..."

Clickbait title, but the game does look like it has improved some. If it has managed to recapture the original MOD or if it is, you know, FUN to play, that remains to be seen - thought I’d post up after @Jester mentioned digging this up again the other day:

Actually played about 15 mins of this late last night. Always keep going back to it.

Think i’m done with it. Its still very much KoS from what i’ve seen/read and tbh i’ve just lost all interest in it. No end game or progress really has ruined it imho.

In before Hammy says “Think i’m done with it…”!

…nope, too late. :slight_smile:

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That was amusing to watch. Might reinstall it for a giigle.

Yeah i never take it serious. Just a bit of fun for a few mins when i get bored of other things.

Last night another player came up to me and started to waggle left and right. I so followed said gesture in a friendly manner. He took out a shot gun…did not fire…most likely no ammo. So i ran…he followed…i ran around so Zeds went after him. After about 5 mins of running around he had quite a few Zeds on him so i ducked into a house and watched him fight them off.

I logged out