So who's up for Destiny 2 on PC?


Release Date - 24th October

My playing time will most likely be 19:00-22:00 most weekdays with some weekends later.

Battletag: VirulentPip#2104

Fire team - 3 players
Crucible (MP) 4 players per team
Raids - 6 players


My first response is “Destiny 2 is coming to PC?”


Will need to look more into it personally…


Guys in work are wanting me to join them on the xbox for it. Still debating it.


I got it for PC, played the beta and loved it. Seems like it could be my new gem, if the story mode is any good :smiley:


Absolutely be all over this on PC


bounced hard of the first on PS4 won’t be returning untill a ‘goty’ is out with all the content so can see if the ‘story’ is there this time


Got a copy with my 1080Ti, so i’ll definitely be playing it, however not sure when as the release date looks like it’s going to be around the time when the next WoW raid tier begins.



Wont let me post that. So let me say again. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


I do like a good co-op shooter, which Xander has assured me this may turn out to be, so i’ll probably give it a spin.

also hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. but only once.


I have never played the original game, does it have an similarities to Planetside 2?


Not in the slightest ched. Very different game.

Its primarily a co op shooter, Adrock. It’ll be fun! :smiley:


‘It’ll be fun!’ <- jinxed it :confused:


To give you a feel of how the gameplay is:


Some information on Clan Perks - Eurogamer


to be a counter to Xanders hype i will be the other side of the coin, it’s very VERY bullet spongy alof of bulltets to down big felles, very grindy to get loot and the rep to get loot, and now with added micro transaction for performance enhancing mods for gear.

but other good points stand as xander has already said


Thanks reno. Brought me back to my senses.



I am hyping it a bit, I’m a massive fan of the game, and maybe some folk might enjoy it too.

Anyone familiar with the division would be familiar with the general way this game will play.

the micro stuff is not necessary at all from what I’ve seen, if that’s an off putter.


Jim Sterlings review in a nutshell - compelling game with good story and even while grinding its still fun. Overshadowed by dumb microtransactions.


If this had come out last year I would likely have jumped in on it, but I have too many other games that do the fun bits in Destiny - often better than Destiny - for me to want to jump in on another game with large proportions of grind.

I’ll stick with Titanfall 2 PVE, Deathwing and Vermintide (Vermintide 2 coming!!!) for my CooP grind fix.


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