So who's up for Destiny 2 on PC?


well today’s the day; only in for the co-op, the pvp multiplayer can go into the same bin with R6 Ranked and FUT and the other bits I have no interest in/actively avoid.


I jump in as soon as it releases today. Maybe I’m lucky and get a few hours in before I go to bed. I kinda doubt it but maybe, just maybe, the release is smooth without any server issues.

It unlocks however 2am here, I’m really not sure if I wait that long.


Was contemplating late night destiny 2 as it unlocks at 6 gmt and my class is at 7…

…then realised im out all day wed and think “fuck it” :slight_smile:


yeah, looks like it’s launching at the same time globally. that’s dumb, but i get that it’s so they can get the fallen over servers back up by evening in the US, hopefully for Wednesday morning for you, and the UK may be boned because the servers may fall over within 20 minutes of the 6pm launch :confused:

I have couchsurfers but I’m off work so I should be about on and off.


38 minutes until the blizzard authentication servers fall over :smiley:


Servers held somehow!

Anyone need Battle net ids?

Mine is Xander, code is #2405


Contemplating this, but as always have sooo many games I am trying to find the time to play right now.

I like the idea of teaming up for some raiding. I miss my WoW days raiding for epic lootz.


It seems to be getting decent reviews for the PC launch. Still not sure about it, guy in work loves it on his xbox, but he is well in to everything to do with destiny, and pumped some major hours into the 1st one.

I’m still on the fence on where to get it or not.


I’m debating this or just holding out for Anthem in terms of an MMO shooter.


This, I like the look of anthem


enjoyed my wee blast of it so far; i’ll be on again this afternoon.


Had not seen this. Not 1st person though.


I’m waiting for Anthem too, but probably play both and see which one is better. Customisable armor suits, rocket launchers or sneaky sniper frame, sounds grea to me :smiley:.

Finished Destiny yesterday, ok strictly today 5 am,… nothing that Coffee couldn’t cure.

I have to admit I’m a bit dissapointed. The gameplay is solid, lots to do and explore but the story… . The villain is the least threatening I ever encountered. They never let me experience why I should be scared of him, built him up with actual gameplay like they did in Mass Effect for example. They talk a lot, but the dialoges are kinda meh, like they are towarded to me rather then they have a real conversation. Who talks like this, beside Hollywood movies? His Sun Killing Beam comes out of nowhere, just like lots of other story elements. It feels very convoluted and constructed and not natural. The original Halo had a good story with some twists in it, and a great villain but this?I simply can’t take Naked mole-rats in oversized armor serious.

It seem like the story is full of plot holes too. For example when you get to the final mission and run through the city it seems like they didn’t notice what they did to the Traveller. Seriously? That thing is the size of a small moon, we have spies there and the didn’t tell you that shit?

They had so many years to deliver a convincing story, but what they ended up with feels rushed. I simply don’t understand how this could be any better story wise then Destiny 1, I really hope the DLC make things clearer. Maybe we explore the Traveller more, go into more depth what its origins are, thats the story I hoped for, but it seems no one in this universe cares about the origin of a mini moon which grants super powers…

On the other side, as I’ve said, I played all night. The final missions (last 4 or so) really hook you in with their dynamics, but in total nothing real blew me away gameplay wise. Its solid but nothing spectacular.

Right now I will gear up and do lots of side activites, the gunplay is really good. My hunters melee ability is awesome but I feel like late game not as useful for boss encounters!? I also have to unlock the last specialisation, if I remember right thats a bow with CC capabilities?! CAN"T FUCKING WAIT.

Side question, anyone set up a Guild yet in Destiny? If yes, Is that independent of the one I got invited to via


I got a group set up but there’s another function within destiny to set up a clan.

If no one has any objections I’ll create the PC Clan


I like the idea of it (especially as I’m waiting for a game to pick up so I can join in on a ZiiP game at ‘roughly’ the same experience level with everyone else) but I don’t have a huge amount of time to play regularly.

I’m reckoning this is the kind of loot slog where I’ll quickly end up as the level 7 guy with a water pistol who’s running around after everybody like an overenthusiastic puppy then promptly being flattened by a rebound off the armour of somebody useful.


it isnt a slog to get to level 20. And once you do, its pretty easy to keep level with other players a higher power level than you.

Honestly Destiny, despite the grindy aspects, is probably the most socially practical game to get into. It’s fairly easy to keep near enough the top level without devoting hundreds of hours.


I’m level 20 and have some gear, but I’ve not done any grinding yet, just story missions and the odd adventure where i wanted to explore a bit more. Once I finish the story I’m going to try and blitz through again with a different class.

It’s very easy access; feels like you’re playing co-op Doom with map markers at times :slight_smile:


I watched an interesting video on youtube last night from jayztwocents where he built a system based on the minumum specs and the game ran ok at just below the magic 60FPS but still very playable.

This means that my old potato of a computer can run it as my GPU is better than the min specs and my CPU, well, erm its OC’d and does things with 1’s and 0’s so yeah I could probably run this ok :slight_smile:

From what I have seen on various video clips it does look like something I could play and the first game was off limits to me as I don’t have a console that could run it.


I hit 240 today and I’m looking forward to play some Nightfall missions with you guys. The grind is kinda enjoayble so far, still I would really like some weapons with crazy effects or more customisation. It feels like something is missing.

So far I think some of the side missions later on are more fun and better scripted then some of the story missions. Especially the “Failsafe” mission was adorable :smiley: . Gonna play them all now, my gear should be good enough.


Go for it.

I have relented and bought it.