So who's up for Destiny 2 on PC?


Go ahead if you’ve not already done it.

I currently hit a wall at around gear level 265, tried to solo Nightfall but no chance. Got to the 1st big tank and beat it, then run out of time.

Seems like the only thing left to increase my gear is grinding for exotics in public events and use my bright and luminous ingrams, but I wanna keep those until 280 at least.

What about a big Destiny gaming night this Friday or Saturday to try and beat strikes and/or Nightfall?

Maybe I start a 2nd character, I really wanna see how the other classes work! Are the character slots limitted to 3 or can I have more? I would love 2 more Hunters for later grinding but also experience the other 2 classes :smiley:.


i will shortly be using my lunchbreak to continue crunching story for my 2nd character :slight_smile: I’d be up for trying some mroe of the endgame stuff too.

it feels like i’ve had a break from this, but it’s really just that i didn’t play yesterday…


Haven’t seen any invites so have created “ZiiP Guardians”.

Join here :



OK, we have the clan: ZiiP Gaming Community - from the PS4 days

Me and Reno have been adding people when everyone’s been online…so this may cause some confusion :open_mouth:


Cool, lets use that one then. :slight_smile:

I’ll scrap mine.


Added :slight_smile:
Zorndar, do the same and I can add you. Just look up:

ZiiP Gaming Community on


All Done. Sorry Zorn, had to kick you to delete the clan :wink:


NOOOOO, I already got 5000 Clan XP for us yesterday …

I do it when I’m back home.


Sorry mate, my bad. I shouldn’t have jumped the gun and created the clan.


the 5000 XP a week cap is ridiculous; Reno and I hit it in the first hour or so yesterday, so nothing we do for the next week will earn any clan XP :confused: i think it’s 100,000 to level up?


Really enjoying this.

Up for some fireteaming tonight anyone? I am only lvl8 though.


Hell yeah notch. I’ll be on.


I will be on too, might start another character or so tonight or grind more…


so we found last night, while you need to be level 15 to start the final story mission, if you just run through it completing the story missions around the tower locations afterwards instantly bumps you to level 20. I went in at 15 and came out at barely 18; if you were just trying to get a character through the story quickly you could sprint through some big sections of it as it doesn’t have as many ‘clear the area’ stages as the rest.


New update brings factions. If you are interested in whats that all about here is a pretty good guide summarising almost everything. Including the factions backstory and what gear to llook foward to.


Bit of garage work tonight and then I am going to smash to 20. I think I am 18 now.


I’m probably doing my 3rd character this week. Once you get one up to 20 it is pretty quick to level up and gear a character. My 2nd one was at gear level 270 in less then 2h after finishing the story. Copying over some weapons to get an initial boost works nicely.

I really recommend getting all classes however. Once you get stuck or bored with another class, you can just jump to a different one and play that instead. I will use different factions for each of them too, as every faction has something I like. You can also adept to what is needed in raids or nightfalls :wink: . Unfortunately there is no incentive to have multiple characters of the same class.

Up to now I love my Ranger, the Titan is okish. I find the ultis on the Titan really boring up to now but I like that it is far tougher. Still it didn’t really grew on my till now. The Warlock really annoyed me initially with no double jump, gonna play her next.

BIG tip, some of the weapon rewards you get from certain milestones are really good. The Nightshade and Nameless Midnight for example. You might wanna stick to those and level them up or just keep them in your vault. If you do multiple run-throughs you can choose a different one each time and experiment which you like better. Right now I really enjoy the Nameless over my Mida. The special pump shotgun from Hawthorne is another example, if shotguns are your thing :wink: .


Hit 20 and finished the story last night. That last boss fight requires a LOT of hiding.

END GAME!!! Epic Lootz!!


I just finished my 3rd chracter and found a way to actually enjoy the boss fight, beat him in around 4-5min, maybe less, without any hiding. Takes so long because of the phases.

This might only work on your 2nd chracter, to some degree on your first too. I leveled all the way to 20 BEFORE finishing the story. Once you hit 20 you can get your better weapons from your other character and farm some armor pieces so you end up around 230-240. The leveling part is easier then you expect, I needed just two events to push me to 20 before the final mission. I used one of the XP boost though you get from Tess Everis after hitting 11. With the better gear the fight was really easy and played out more natural without hiding in corners all the time.

Also I have to remedy my statement about the Warlock, once I figured out how the jump works I really like him. Probably my favourite after the Hunter. The huge slow traveling void ulti is just amazing if you hit the target and see a whole HP bar vanish.


This ^.

I’m sticking with Void on my Warlock as I think that’s what a Warlock should be. None of this Sunny / Lightning bullshit :wink: