So who's up for Destiny 2 on PC?


After a session in the garage tonight, I will be on D2 if anyone is around. Currently lvl211


Looks like GMG have this going for sale with a 40% discount today or tomorrow?


No dogs in this fight and not trying to stir any shit up (felt a little like my recent BF2 posts were received that way even though that wasn’t my intention), I’m just curious and wanted to ask: How much does the recent ‘XP-gate’ effect the average player?

For those who don’t know: “Destiny 2 misrepresented XP gains to its players until the devs got caught”

With stopwatch in hand, a user named EnergiserX tracked the modes he played, keeping an eye on any shifts in XP gain over time. He put enough data together to confirm those suspicions: the XP gained in certain modes would shrink with each repetition. Worse, the game gave no indication of these diminishing returns. The XP-gain numbers that popped up above the game’s XP bar didn’t reflect the game’s hidden scaling system. Thus, there was no way for a player to accurately calculate how their XP gain had been affected or scaled without going through EnergiserX’s exhaustive process.

Having not played, I’m not really very clear on how this translates in to the average players’ experience of the game and I’m curious if it’s a complaint of a vocal minority of ‘hardcore’ players or min/maxers?


This is pure guesswork but I’d imagine it’s a hardcore minority thing. If nothing else, we’re talking about people who are angry that their play sessions of more than a few hours daily are receiving fewer experience points per unit time, therefore have less optimal experience gain and they feel thus discouraged from playing for several hours at a time, per day.

…if that isn’t hardcore minority, I don’t know what is.


From what I’ve read it does look like it’s only going to affect players who hammer the game for multiple hours every day or several times a week.

The reason I ask around these parts is twofold really:

  • A bunch of ZiiP actively play the game and I respect the opinions of other ZiiPsters (mostly…maybe not El Hacko :grinning: )
  • From what I’ve seen and heard of ZiiPsters that play it, it sounds like the play sessions eat in to the 3+ hours where ‘XP-gate’ is supposed to begin kicking in

If I understand the system properly, it could be viewed in two ways:

  • Cynically: They’ve done this to try converting very frequent players in to payers by limiting their progression after a point and forcing them to consider throwing money in the pot for further progression

  • Balance: They’re trying to look at other ways of balancing out progress across the payer base by limiting just how far the very frequent players can tear off in front of the rest of the player base - no one likes facing off against a guy who has double your hours/progress because they have more free time that you and match making barely scratches the surface of trying to balance those issues


They repealed it pretty quickly but it does smack of “OOPS, CAUGHT US”

Having said that, its not too much bother as after level 20 you just get bright engrams which are the game’s cosmetic loot boxes.

It’s corrected now though, which is nice.

Main issue with Destiny 2 is the lack of focus in the end game. Before you could work toward cosmetics and specific weapons. Now you just roll dice at set points. feels like a step back for discernable reason.

Game’s still cool though. Then again, I’m a bit biased.

BTW El Hacko is an excellent name ^^


yeah, this doesn’t affect me as i’m not too bothered with bright engrams; I open them because when you load into the tower there’s a green icon telling you to visit that vendor, and it won’t go away until you’ve opened the box.


I read about it and it defintely affected me. Pretty big bullshit BUT when they discovered it I lost kinda interest in the game already, this was part of the reason.

Let me explain why. I leveled 3 charachters to around 280-290 and enjoyed my time that far, partly. Already early on after hitting 265 I noticed the badly designed gear system. I kinda played along as I still wanted some of the better weapons to see how they affect the game. I got my Better Devils, unlocked the True Prophecy, got myself a nameless Midnight and was kinda … dissapointed.

Already fromt the start I missed a sense of “purpose” for the grind. A weapon which changes my playstyle, or an interesting story element (lol, … story). I didn’t really get any of it. You can use a high level Midas, or a Nameless Midnight, the difference however is pretty small within the same class and level range. The only weapon I really enjoyed was the Merciless as it really CHANGED things. In general itemisation is kinda boring and the only part where it exists is partly hidden behind a pay wall and a screwed up system.

I loved my Hunter and Warlock, but after getting all the sub class skills it was crystal clear what I liked and what to use. Non of the epics I got, of which you can also only wear one at a time (god knowws why), changed my view point significantly. None of them, is a clear game changer. SOme of them are amazing in certain areas, but they barely alter a game mechanic or playstyle.

You can only get higher tier items from special activities after hitting the soft cap of 265. Just to get from 265 to 280 - takes ages, on your first character. Then you blow through everything and get super quick to 280, which is when you realise, I need to do raids OR grind a shit ton of events to get any progression. Funny enough, events will only give you another loot box with a chance of a higer level epic (maybe once in 20?). Because the gear score is dominated on your LOWEST item legendaries are almost worthless when you are stuck. When you finally get a exotic, its the same as the other 4 times before. Absolutely soul crushing.

Another problem is for raids, which give you 290-300+ gear, you need friends and the social element in this game is as unrelvant as it gets. Half the time I miss chat, trying to add specific people to your friendslist is far more difficult then it needs to be, all caused by some wild UI choices which scream console port.

The game is SUPER fun sometimes. The open areas which combine certain strikes with the open world are amazing. Getting your weapon you grinded for (Midas Better Devils and True Prophecy for me) is super nice. But these are pretty few in comparision, the whole game lacks depth of some sort. I don’t want to grind the same 5 strikes all the time, not Nessus again which has the most fun event rotation or have to use a 3rd party website to get enough people together to play Raids.

One of the best guns in the game is one you get from a quest chain. In a game about loot, this seems rather weird. I had fun grinding the factions as those gave me rewards based on my effort. Something I could work towards to and get the chest piece I wanted to achieve the look of my Warlock. But my Hunter? I got the same chest piece far too many times already, and the only one I really like is a rare drop from the raid … don’t get me started on shaders.

PvP can be fun, but I don’t wanna wait between 5-10 min for a single game which lasts around the same time, might lag like Or in the worst case, looses its connection. It also offers barely ANY rewards or is at least highly unreliable. Sometimes I got the minimum of 2 tokens for a game won, among the top players, then I get 4 for lossing. No idea how that system works at all but almost every apsect of it pushed me away even as I somehow enjoyed it. Hell, out of 30 games I could barely afford 2 ingrams from the dealer, let alone get some actuall new gear to play with.

I will defintely play when there is an event going on, like another faction war, or you guys organise a Raid, thats when Destiny shines for me. Playing with other people is great, it just makes it really hard to like it between those occasions. It really needs some diversity of some sort, right now it feels unfinished.


For anyone interested, this is available for free at the moment via the BattleNet launcher.

The base-game of Destiny 2 is going for free until November 18th.

Just login in to BattleNet, go to the Gist tab thing at the top right and claim the game. Then it’s yours forever.


I have grabbed it just in case I feel the need to give it a go :slight_smile:


Same here, blah blah blah


Its a good co op game to play with peeps, me Adrock, Reno and Paddy play it atm with the expansion if anyone wants to team up.


Thanks for that - grabbed it just in case.