Software fan controller

My system is generally built around NZXT stuff - like a Kraken X61 AIO Cooler. As such, it is recommended that I use CAM software to control it all. However, I find CAM a bit… shit. Sometimes it doesn’t load correctly, sometimes it forgets my login (if it ever updates, it always forgets my login)

My case has no 5.25 bays on the front so I can’t fit a manual controller.

Does anyone hear have experience with any other temp/fan control software?

I’m using an Aquero 5 pro in combination with Aquasuite. Beside the price of the controller the software itself is absolutely fantastic. Fan curves are easily changed, multiple sensors can be set up to control different fan arrays with different curves. It can also be used to control other parts, like LEDs, pumps or as a simply on/off switch (come with a relay). For just an AIO its a bit overkill as you need an Aquero.

I found Cam quite useful to monitor temperatures or ressources.

Otherwise a tweaked BIOS might do the job, lots of modern Motherboards have pretty good fan control software built in. Otherwise maybe SpeedFan? Is a bit fiddly, but powerful if set up right.

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Cheers matey - I’ll shall check those options out :sunny:

yeah, speedfan with suitable motherboard headers will take you far. Ultimately whatever software you can use will be determined by the hardware you’re using, unless you’re willing to go full diy. fwiw, CAM is an improvement on corsair link. i tried the GRID hardware controller but it doesn’t support PWM.

If you’re up for it, also look at SIV; it’s a 3rd party package for monitoring and configuring controllers used in all sorts of hardware. I ended up using it to configure my corsair link kit and the author is active on the corsair forum. It’s fugly as hell but works better and you only ue it to config, you don’t have to keep it running. It might support at least some of the NZXT kit but i haven’t tried it with it.

Then i suppose you could look at building your own; plenty of small SoC boards can support PWM output and whatever sensors you need. then the software interface is whatever you can make it :smiley:

Good shout.

I’ve actually got one of these that I picked up from my parents yesterday. Whilst the guide isn’t exactly what I would want, it’d be a start:

I’ve been meaning to have an electronics ‘project’ to do for a while now…

if you’re looking at building stuff there’s all sorts of cool things you can do; have a separate power supply and a cool-down period where fans run post-shutdown, temperature sensors ANYWHERE, build your own out-of-band management interface, air flow meters, obligatory RGB LEDs on every surface…

speedfan is definitely still worth a look in the short term though :wink: