Some films coming out soon that are really exciting and make the world seem a better place


So there’s the latest “teaser” from my Spirit Animal…


Fucking love Deadpool. More of that please.


I’m really doing my best but you’d be surprised how little I’m able to move things along…


Come dressed as deadpool to Caoland 2017.


Best I could do would be PaddlingPool


I did my best! Dead :poop:l


Anyone been to see Justice League yet? Hoping it’s not rubbish…!


Sorry, what I meant was, this film looks amazing;


A few, including Reno have seen this and were quite impressed with it


Saw Justice League - I wasn’t impressed. Christ it was long…



As a big fan of the books I’m totes stoked for this upcoming Netflix series - should be off the wall; vat grown, custom made and enhanced body “sleeves” to be downloaded into, space-opera style hard boiled sci-fi with tonna shooty gubbins;


Not completely without problems - this kind story has been done a few times - but I think I’ll like it;




That looks great!



I watched “Better Watch Out” last night and it’s kinda twisted. Certainly not graphic (no direct shots of gore or torture), but it sets a generally unpleasant tone throughout.

It’s different to what I expected from the trailer, but it’s worth a watch for a short enough film.


I am going to see Star Wars on Thursday, I may be a little bit excited.



That looks great. Wacky Peenix had really grown into a helluvan actor


A new series worth checking out (so far) is MARS on Netflix.

It’s a factual/fictional series by National Geographic jumping between 2016 and 2033 with a fictional human mission to Mars interspliced with interviews and snippets from current day events and people such as Elon Musk, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Andy Weir and a host of NASA veterans and so on.

Only watched 2 episodes last night, but certainly warrants checking out.


I started to watch that on Nat Geo but I couldn’t get into it from the constant jumping back and forth interspersed with factual stuff.