Some films coming out soon that are really exciting and make the world seem a better place


I’ve heard a bit about this, really weird.


Watched Polar. Was a bit slower paced than I thought but was really good movie. Didnt realise that Matt Lucas was in it as the baddy!! Interesting Character.


I found the new season to be lacklustre throughout. It just lacked the same punch that the other instances of him, either Season 1, or his parts in Dare Devil and The Defenders.

They certainly had a lower budget and different writers. Good few scene discrepancies as well which were really obvious.


This was really good actually! Watched it last night, but thoroughly enjoyed it. :slight_smile:
Good shout @n0tch


Anyone seen teh Sherlock spoof? Shitty reviews, but I fancy watching it cos it seems funny as :slight_smile:


I watched I/O on Netflix… The information for it was about two people trying to cure the end of the world plot or survive, everyone else Is living on the moon io… It’s not that, it’s “bla bla bla ama do the stupid and end.”


That is one sexy steelbook!

But will totally wait till they inevitably bring out the Quadrilogy.





Looks interesting



Pacino, De Niro, Joe Pesci, Harvey Keitel!

Im in.



Waaaaaaay too many spoilers!.


Ok, so this may look a little cheap (tugs at collar) but damn if this isn’t the only version we’re ever going to get and it’s a pretty damn good cast and I’ve bought this book repeatedly after lending and losing a few times so I’m gonna say screw you guys this is gonna be great! Although I know very well that these characters are fully embodied in my brain and have been since I was a kid and they won’t get it perfect and this won’t be as good as the book but whatever it’s getting my love because Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman and Good Omens forever;


Hope all the good bits aren’t in the trailer…


I will watch this.


I saw that announcement this morning and I’m completely up for this!


Also, I’m enjoying Doom Patrol.


From the comics? Did they do a series? Oh wait is this a Netflix thingy?


US only atm on the DC Streaming service.


it follows on from the Titans series, in that it’s set after it and has Vic. But I was in after the first episode unlike Titans which had that ‘takes itself very seriously’ thing that DC things seem to like, and Doom Patrol definitely doesn’t, because Alan Tudyk is Mister Nobody and narrates the episodes appropriately.

Yeah, Mister Nobody had a comment on that at the start of episode 2. It’s on the internet though, which has little regard for international limitations to media distribution :smiley:

Brendan Fraser and Timothy Dalton have also been great so far.


Alan Tudyk, Brendan Fraser and Timothy Dalton??!!! Where the hell can I catch this? I’m in love already!