Some films coming out soon that are really exciting and make the world seem a better place


Very good point! Let me remedy - a clip that went up a week ago and currently has 17.8 million views. The film will probably be rubbish, but for someone who as a child watched men in rubber monster suits fighting in model cities, this gave me goosebumps;


King of Monsters looks wholly stupid… so following with that theme of upcoming releases:

The Predator is out in August though, which I am very much looking forward to! :smiley:


How very dare you! XD


Please be good, please be good, please be good.


Booking Predator tickets next week :slight_smile:


Couple covered in this I’d like to see:

Also had no idea that ‘Split’ was related to ‘Unbreakable’ or that the sequel was really happening!

Hellboy 3 also sounds interesting.

Not sure how I feel about Will Smith playing the genie in the new Aladdin or what I feel about there being a new Aladdin…

Cowboy Ninja Viking could be complete shit or a good laugh hopefully in the vein of Dead Pool and Guardians given the links.

Top Gun 2 doesn’t exist and will never exist. That is all there is to say about that.


The Evil Dead (1981) releases on 4K next month. This makes me very excited, I would assume this will follow suit of other older films and been originally film on 35mm, resulting in a spectacular native 4K transfer.


army of darkness has already been remastered at 4k, it was done for one of the international blu-ray releases so it affects which ending you get and i can’t remember which way round they are. They did a really good job and it looks amazing, as though it’s a good decade newer than it is.


Nice! I’m hoping they end up releasing the trilogy! But I assume they’ll see how the first one sells. . The same has been done with The Matrix, sell the first one alone no word of others and now it’s going to be available as a trilogy box set soon.


it should do fine, they all got multiple br releases, and the second one is always the most successful.

I’d be curious to see how the matrix fares; do you know if they re-did any of the digital effects, or were they remastered from some higher-definition source from when it would all have been rendered, so many years ago. Some sci-fi stuff has some fun issues when they don’t have any higher definition source material for effects/composited shots, so they can either re-do them (sometimes from scratch, as with some of the star trek remasters, taking years and costing a fortune), or they can just upscale whatever source they’ve got, which leads to some horrible low-res stock effects/stock footage randomly turning up (like in the x-files remasters). Still better than Buffy/Angel :frowning:


I haven’t read it fully. But I do see 10s across the board.


Shes nearly ready…


Haha!! Looks like they might have got it! If you know nothing about her, it’s worth a quick look up :wink: Marvel is NAILS!!


Due May next year!! ZOMG!


Just finished watching Mile 22.

Solid film. Good action, little bit too much shaky cam, along with some really fucking weird camera angles, but solid otherwise throughout.

Won’t go on about the plot because it’ll spoil it.

If you enjoy brainless Mark Wahlberg films, check it out.


I like Mark Wahlberg. Good at action and comedy. I shall take a gander.

The Other Guys is a great MW comedy. Him and Will Ferrell do work well together. Plus it has Steve Coogan in it.


It’s real;


Is that a re-remake of the original or a continuation of that dumbsterfire they last released (2016)? Even up to now I couldn’t stomach watching more than some clips on youtube and the trailers. They were already super obnoxious and the humor didn’t resonate at all with me. I liked some of the comedians, but for some reason in the little I watched I got zero feel for chemistry between them. It felt forced and the jokes where all kinda the same and flat. Some day I watch it, maybe with some beer !?

EDIT: After some googling it looks like a continuation of the original 2 movies. That COULD be interesting!


Yeah it’s Ghostbusters 3! Same universe - a continuation! Directed by Jason Reitman - Ivan Reitman’s son!


Ooooooooo…as soon as that little taster of the music started…a big smile appeared :)…and maybe a little bit of sex wee