Some films/show coming out soon that are really exciting and make the world seem a better place

Yep - thoroughly enjoyed Season 1 - will watch this when I have time

Anyone see or heard if a Netflix one called Daybreak? It’s like twilight meets zombie land meets mad Max meets warriors. Watched 2 and it’s not bad.

Also started watched watchmen. Seems good but no idea what is happening in it

New Nic Cage film, heavily Lovecraft inspired;

No prices


Would have thought be on a par with Netflix. £7-£10. Think $7 in states isnt it?

Indeed 6.99 in Murica… And that’s one size fits all, no higher tiers for 4K etc.

Anyone watched the Mandalorian premiere yet?

Some thoughts:

No jetpack?!? how will he remount his battle droid steed as he descends through the atmosphere to conquer planets?

I appreciate Brian Posehn Space Cabbie, and arbitrary life day references.

Carl Weathers has aged better than Stallone. Just sayin’.

That’s right Werner, chew the shit out of those words you eternal and enigmatic badass.

Non-williams-esque music makes star wars…different.

Taika Waititi makes a good droid voice. And that droid is appropriate levels of dumb and bad ass.

Hang on a minute. It’s happening again dammit. Why is everyone using laser weapons that are apparently way less effective than conventional chemical propulsion firearms? Just fucking aim you morons. Or use the grenades we’ve established are a thing in your universe. It’s 2 vs dozens and there’re shots pinging all over the place, and yet it doesn’t really feel like anyone’s in any kind of peril. Like the school shooting background sounds in southpark.

Fucking baby yoda? Once Jon Favreau gets bored and moves on Dave Filoni is going to spirit wolves bullshit all over this isn’t he?

If this turned into Lone Wolf and Cub I would keep watching.

Music’s good. First episode would make a decent standalone story regardless.






Hugh Laurie…Neelix…sold.

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I omly read the non blurred part of your post. Cannae wait to eventually binge watch this.

that’s why i blurred it :slight_smile:

second episode was equally promising.

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then avoid any official star wars stuff they are posting spoilers abound!

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Well shit, Black Summer getting a season 2… I was super pissed when season 1 ended cause it just well… ended so abruptly and at that time they said no plans for a season 2… This makes me feel less salty.

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Only finished watching it the other week and was kinda annoyed at how it just stopped. Glad it will continue

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Witcher, Netflix, closer (plus some more goodies!)
Edit: Witcher in 25 days
Meh, can’t upload screenies anymore :frowning:

There may be a slew of new animated stuff coming from GW!

What makes it even better, is that it might not be absolute garbage for a change!

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Yep was reading that the other day. Psyched about the Blood Angels. Looking very polished atm

This could be good? Seems like a solid cast.

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That does look good. I’ll definitley be keeping an eye out for it on my movie sources.