Some films/show coming out soon that are really exciting and make the world seem a better place

I’m not… sure what to say…

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This could be good though!


For some reason this reminds me of the film Black Dyanamite…

Are we there yet??

P.S. In case you miss it, the dial on his gun goes up to “eleven”…


This looks like a fun concept :slight_smile:


Does look like a lot of fun :slight_smile:

Damn that looks good, can see a few witty one liners in this film

Two actors I absolutely adore, so I’m looking forward to this :slight_smile:

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Initially, after the first teaser trailer I though “meh” despite my liking Tom Hardy.

Now however…


I was very meh about this until I watched this this morning.

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Agreed. This went from being “not sure of point” to “oh I see…”

I’m in :slight_smile:

Watched Infinity War - good film. No spoilers from me but definitely worth a watch.

Now watching Happy! on Netflix - good fun, based on a good comic book, very silly. I recommend :grin:


Just finished watching “You Were Never Really Here”… that was… different.

Not what the trailer leads you to believe. It’s certainly more art-house than thriller, so if you do watch it, don’t expect some crazy adrenaline rush.

Interesting use in sound throughout. Phoenix is brilliant throughout.

There are some unpleasant themes in it relating to kids, so viewer be warned.

Is it worth a watch? Absolutely. But it most certainly will not be for everyone.

Rock solid 9/10 for me.

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Looking forward to catching that.

Fuck yeah! Luke Cage is comin’ back y’all!


I really enjoyed the first season of Luke Cage. Cast was solid as hell, acting and script were good. It’s a micro-managing hero again like DareDevil, but he’s a character that has some depth.

Then again, you can watch any of the defenders’ series and when you compare it against Iron Crybaby, they all seem epic. :smiley:

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I can’t decide if that’s a dig at iron man for being a twitchy nervous wreck instead of a more resolute character like in the comics, or a dig at iron fist for being the most privileged and whiniest of the defenders.

If it’s the former, don’t worry, looks like another film or two and he’ll be done.

if it’s the latter, i’m sorry but season 2 wrapped a day or two ago (wrap party photos turned up yesterday).

Or if it’s a deep cut about when Kang the Conqueror finds out as a kid he’s going to be Kang the Konqueror, so he goes back in time and becomes Iron Lad (tony’s sidekick) in an attempt to become a better pe
rson and prevent his fate, then bravo, well played, but you’re targeting a very small audience…

or is it at Amadeus Cho for his turn as Iron Spider (FUCK MARVEL PICK A NEW FUCKING METAL ALREADY)?

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Iron Fist. The privileged crybaby whose reaction to losing any fight is “But… I’m the immortal iron fist!?”

Fuck he was annoying. 95% of his arguments are based on having a fuck-ton of money and that they can use influence to help people and crying over losing a fight, while his perfectly normal, human girlfriend kicks more ass than he does.

I fucking hated the Iron Fist series. Defenders redeemed it a bit as there were stronger and better characters to balance it out.

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I like to think that was poor writing (it was, but i mean in a way that the character could be redeemed without re-casting), so i’ll watch the second season, but yeah, easily the weakest of the characters, and i’m including all the non-defenders villains and b-reel characters they added.

I do wonder if Tony Stark would’ve been exactly the same at a younger age, and that’s why we thankfully haven’t had to deal with any kind of prequel.

Remember the bit in Pacific Rim where the dude is like ‘solid iron core, no alloys’ like it’s a good thing, then the robots march around in the fucking sea with an electrical power supply for hours at a time?