Some of my kids doing an Overwatch E-Sports event right now on Twitch!


Edit: I should have said, they’re playing Overwatch!

Three of our GCSE kids are up in Newcastle playing other schools for the next stage/round.

Live event going on now until around 3/4ish, our school is ‘Manchester Communication Academy’ who aren’t (at the time of posting) currently playing but have a match coming up, we’re currently in a position chasing 3rd.


Ours is apparently the next game and we’re playing for 3rd place, only 1st and 2nd will go through so its for pride for the rest of us.


Match is starting with ours!


On it. GJ to them so far! :smiley:


We’ve placed 3rd but that might be disrupted by the outcome of the current match.


I presume the ‘communication’ in Manchester Communication Academy stands for “gg, no healers” and “omg, trash widow, gtfo”?


hehe I was wondering about how much trash talk there would be but I’ve not seen or heard any yet, only ‘GG’ or ‘GL’.