Space Hulk: Deathwing Enhanced Edition

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Aww man. I was looking for my copy of Space Hulk and Deathwing the other day in the attic. I think it got thrown out. Gutted.

Anyone played this? Any good?

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Enhanced Edition seems to get better reviews.

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I’ve not played the enhanced edition yet, but the base one is pretty solid.

Had one of the most epic gaming moments of my life during a game… time for a story…

4 of us were playing, methodically mowing our way through the enemies on the hulk with righteous fury and zeal. No pathetic heretic or foul xenos scum could stand the might of our stormbolter and powerfists. Shells blazed through the air and tore flesh from bone and bodies were turn to pulp. Flashing arcs of brilliant light illuminating dark corridors where treacherous genestealers would attempt to flank our team and cause havoc.

Alas, as dumbass-brother McNumpty began the incantation rites to unlock a bulkhead, movement was spotted all around. We chose a virtuous retreat to the dropship, carving our way through the enemy. One by one, my brethren fell to tooth and claw from xenos attackers. None were left but I. My assault cannon glowing red in the dark from the hail of hatred and rage being rained upon the enemy.

I reached the dropship, awaiting reinforcements, knowing that more battle brothers would teleport to the ship in under a minute. With each passing second, the enemy drew closer. I stood in the dropship and awaited whatever fate the Emperor deemed fitting. At the teleport counter reached 30 seconds, a mighty wave of genestealer filth reached the dropship doors and my assault cannon roared in retaliation! Their multi-limbed torsos being ripped asunder as they lay unclean hands and talons upon the sacred ship. Ammunition was spent quicker than the enemy were falling.
Gore, bone, viscera poured into the dropship. The ammunition was spent and nought left but my powerfist as the sacred reload mechanisms began to re-arm me. Mighty strikes landed again and again upon the enemy, though they pressed on, ever closer. In the final moments, a horde of foul beasts charged, but with the Emperors blessing, my assault cannon spun back into life and unleashed a barrage of hate and death the likes that gargantuan hulk had not seen in millennia. Roaring through my terminator helmet, I laid waste to all that entered the dropship… 3… 2… more bodies fell, but still coming closer… 1… salvation.

Thunderous lightning and crackling energies ripped across the room as 3 more mighty terminators of the Deathwing teleported to the dropship and together we laid unrelenting fury and destruction upon our foes. None of them survived.

Basically, we got caught out, swarmed over and legged it back to the dropship. 3 others got killed off, I ran to the dropship and managed to hold out for 60 seconds while they waited to respawn. 2 full belts of ammo for the assault cannon at point blank range into enemies and literally filled the dropship with corpses. Then the respawn counter finished immediately after I ran out of ammo for the 2nd time and the others came in and we mopped up.

I was buzzing on an adrenaline rush for about an hour afterwards :smiley:


You starting to write for the black library :slight_smile: that was great