Space Hulk Tactics - 9th October

I’ve never been a massive 40K gamer… but Space Hulk was one I was properly into as a kid. I know this isn’t the first Space Hulk inspired game - but it does seem to respect the actual game (and mechanics) itself rather than just being a first person shooter set in the same universe (I think that’s why Space Marine wasn’t that popular).

Actually a little bit tempted. I know I’m not playing games for a while, but might be something I look at when other things have calmed a bit

Space Hulk Tactics is available from CD Keys for only £25.99 (RRP on Steam £34.99)


Yeah, will be keeping an eye on this.

Chapter Master Valrik usually does good videos on GW stuff:

does look good, and yea he is a good guy when it comes to GW :slight_smile: (also Airsickhydra is good too) they were the final reasons I bought Martyr (still bloody good, wish I could get some folks into it :slight_smile: )

this reminds me of “Space Crusade” on the Amiga

one of the best games I played as a kid :slight_smile: with an amazing sound track


Playing it when i get chances too. Just got the Bolter to use so trying that out altho i do love the Autogun.

Aaaaand bought :slight_smile:
Thanks for the link Bossman!

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Nice one mate - let me know if it is any good

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Downloading it overnight, will give it a blast tomorrow evening at some point.