Space Marine Redemptor Dreadnought Build


So, Vred was a magnificent bastard and got me a bunch of Space Marine Primaris stuff! You legend.

Tonight, instead of reveling on WT with a whisky or few, I decided to tear into the Redemptor Dreadnought build.

Fuck. Me. This. Thing. Is. Massive.

This is easily twice the size of a normal dreadnought!

Build pics;

The basics with a 3rd ed Beakie and 8th ed Aggressor for scale.

They’ve done a really nice kit with a nice bit of movement in some parts.

Sarcophagus doors open, arms move and rotate, etc.

Still getting bigger!

The size of the fucking cannon! :open_mouth:

Pretty much completed (Reiver on the left side)

Still need to finish the power fist, gonna make it having devil horns :smiley:


Loving it matey…and yeah…was wondering where you were I WT…the only night I get on for a few games lol


A size comparison between the old-school Furioso Dreadnought of yester-year…


thats amazing dude loving it!!


Sweet baby Jesus I’m so getting back into this… does @vredesbyrd do competitions?? :laughing::laughing::birthday:


I’m thinking I might get the boxed game too. The cost of the box is less than the cost of the Marines on their own anyway, plus I get the game rules and extras.


Fucking hell, Wayland Games have it for €41 less than RRP!


The starter!!! Isn’t ot supposed to be £80/£90???


It’s €125 from GW, Wayland games are selling it (including shipping) for €91…


I see it as £95 from GW and iirc £75 from Wayland - but their website just went down…


For me, direct from GW it’s €125.

Wayland Games have it for €85 + shipping. If I use Parcel Motel, I can get it for about €95 all-in. That’s not too shabby at all! It would give me a bunch of Primaris to bolster my current Marines and I’d have a load of Death Guard that someone else can have if they want them? cough Stew cough


After finding someones paintwork on the Raptor legion (which is what my current Marines are), I’m certainly going to be continuing the colour-scheme. Maybe some tweaks for the Primaris side of things.

Here’s an example of Robert Pudding’s (yes, I chuckled too) work:

This is his FB page:


Not overly familiar with that Legion, but bear in mind for game purposes if you don’t have one of the main legions then you don’t benefit from any of their special stuff like strategies etc…obvs you could just state for the game that they represent whichever legion, but…yeah lol…Raven Guard in this instance ;0


They’re seen as a more ‘flexible’ Chapter than most. They don’t adhere to the Codex Astartes fanatically and will forgo Honour and Glory in order to carry out a successful mission. Advance scouting parties, ambushes, diversionary tactics and suitable wargear will be applied to carry out a mission.

They can, do and will take direct control of Astra Militarium forces when the need is there. This means I can take my Imperial Guard (Cadians and Kasrkin Troopers backed up with a Leman Russ) into a force.

Basically, it means that I get to do the exact same as what I did with my Necrons: Buy what looks nice and just enjoy the game (if I ever play again!).


Got a small start on this last night. Just working on the legs for now so that I can get it set on the base.

Used Halfords Grey Plastic Primer spray for all the parts. Keeping the fingers, shoulder guards, arms, torso and legs separate so that I can paint some fiddly bits.

Well ventilated enough?

Just using standard Chaos Black, heavily watered down (dip the brush in water before dipping the tip of the brush in the pain) to get a smooth enough cover on the internal bits and mechanisms. This will get a dry-brushing of boltgun-metal this evening and then some highlighting with Mithril Silver.

Did the internal space between the fingers as well. All the large flat spaces are going to get a couple of coats of Castellan Green, then a thin coat of Camo Green on top of that.

I don’t think I’ve actually put this much thought into a paint scheme before!


The tidiest of paint stations…

Starting to put some colour down after doing the metal bits.

First full pass of Castellan Green on the armour plates. In spots where there was some underlying metal paint, I just used non-thinned green to cover over, mainly on the toes.

Trying to keep plenty of spaces metallic instead of using the chapter colours to give it a proper mechanical look.
2nd pass is done, photos to follow.

Getting there, slowly but surely.


2nd pass of colour on the armour plates and it’s looking much smoother now.

But hark! What’s this?!

Fucking sloppy is what it is! Going to touch up those few bits on the feet, then start on the wash and highlights. Then the work on the main torso begins!


So, I’ve started on the torso for this.

Doing some watered-down blacks on the parts that will be metallic, same as what was done with the legs.

Some pipe-work and colours before the metallics go on and the inevitable washes. I don’t want too many colours in there. It’s not a 3-pin socket, but I wanted to get red, blue and green in there at least :slight_smile:

Slightly out of focus, but the back-side of the torso and power plant is coming along. Got the first pass of colour down on the power plant shielding. Need to the do Mechanicus symbol tonight and the surrounding armour plates.

The nice thing with laying down the black first is that the gunmetal metallic paint doesn’t need to go on super-heavy at any point in order to get the effect right. Going to run a chestnut brown wash over this since it should be a bit grimy and not perfectly clean.

I’m not looking forward to doing the sarcophagus at all!


Looking really good matey



Still have to add a couple of pieces to the torso and do the edge highlighting on the main body :slight_smile: